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Do You Have A Business Idea? Aged 18 Years and Above? You Can Apply For Tony Elumelu Foundation Fund | Africa

With a $100,000,000 commitment through the Tony Elumelu Foundation, African business leader Tony O. Elumelu is empowering generations of African entrepreneurs over the next decade, to change the African business landscape as you know it.
Here’s what you need to know about The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme:

What is TEEP?

The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme is the flagship entrepreneurship initiative of the Tony Elumelu Foundation, founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist, Tony O. Elumelu, CON. The goal is to create 10,000 businesses that can generate 1,000,000 new jobs and contribute at least $10 billion in annual revenues to the African economy.

Who Can Apply?

The programme is open to all citizens (18 and above) and legal residents of all 54 African countries with businesses that operate in Africa.

How Can I Apply For The Programme?

All applications must be submitted ONLINE through the TEEP PORTAL. Answer a series of mandatory questions and upload additional documents and identification materials. You will receive a confirmation email within 1 working day of submission.

Can I Reapply In Another Programme Cycle?

Yes. Our aim is to support as many entrepreneurs who are within or outside the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme. That you have missed this chance with the TEEP 2015 does not hinder you from reapplying. We actually encourage you to sign up for newsletters, webinars, online training and other support materials we will send to those who join the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Network (TEEN).

How Does One Stay Connected To TEEP Even After Concluding The Programme?

Yes you can always contact us via

  • social media: #AfricanEntrepreneurs or #TEEP
  • All applicants will be notified to sign in to TEEN to begin to benefit from the vast materials that support entrepreneurs in Africa.
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  1. This is a nice idea to african nation am proud of it as i have seen it work well.
    I deal with strewberry farming which is on high demanded especially in bakery industries and milk industries too

    • Congratulation Barasa Polycarp. You’re working in the field of my interest particularly on value addition on Orange Flesh Sweet Potatoes(OFSP), which involve bakery’s products from OFSP.

  2. its the best idea to african nations

  3. Tonny Ellumelu foundation is the true spirit of african nation

  4. This is a great idea whose time has come. It will bring many jobs spur economic growth ten folds in african countries. We have many business ideas but funding or the seed capital is wanting.

  5. Am a business man I do hole sale and retail of bean am interested in your offer

  6. I love this efforts made to help the African continent
    I will highly be waiting for the next section to apply

  7. Une tres belle initiative pour l’Afrique
    Merci a vous monsieur Tony Elumelu
    Thanks mister Tony for this idea

  8. Am amaze, that africa has a foundation that wants to widen perspective of entrepreneurs on the continent. Am interested in been a part of TEEN.

  9. Wow! Nice idea, I will like to be a part of this.

  10. Joseline Ndirarami Marecha

    I wwould like to know if the application process is still open. If yes, please inform on the deadline. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  11. Application process

  12. Be blessed always for this excellent initiative that will drive on the economy of Africa to excellence. Thanks.

  13. Sir, i,m keenly interested in Tony Elumelu foundation. I,m frm Nasarawa st & I work here in Abuja with a construction company ltd as a Store_Keeper. I was born in the yr, 1968. This is my number: 08036857594. 07056082465.

  14. Please Sir, I am interested I want to know if its still open for me to apply, but if no please update me when it will be open again

  15. Keep me informed in all new and upcoming events.

  16. laureen chetsanga

    Thats one of my passion to be an enterprenuer, doing bussines and stand out.

  17. I am start up entrepreneur, who want to start a transport and logistic, have already registered a company, but lacks financial support.

  18. am interested, how can I apply

  19. I appreciate the offer and would like to apply and be part Of the programme.Thank You.

  20. Am a keen entrepreneur, keep me posted of what is happening in this platform



    merci pour cette initiative, avec ça nous entrepreneurs africain auront la chance

  23. I’m interested in the program.

  24. I have never heard about this program till now. I am an aspiring entrepreneur with interest in agribusiness.
    I would love to apply

  25. I am Shelton L. Tarr of Liberia an a business man that is looking for such opportunities to make my printing press up to standard. I will be glad to be one of the beneficiary.

  26. I am a Liberian and a owner of Graftx Solutions Printing press. I will be glad to be part of this program that will help standardized my business.

  27. I appreciate the offer and l would like join
    Please keep me updated.

  28. Iam a Kenyan,have a business project and l would to join.please keep me updated.



  30. Facebook, Twitter and few other websites allow us in Africa to defuse hate, disinformation and other fellows trying to impulse people one way or the other.

    Be blessed Sir, because you’re giving back to society.

    Cheers. J-L K

  31. Wonderful opportunity for young aspiring enterpreneurs…..
    Kindly alert me when the application period start.

  32. Please Sir, I am interested I want to know if its still open for me to apply, but if no please update me when it will be open again

  33. its really a great innitiative i have loved it .Thanks.Henry

  34. Mohammed K. Jalloh

    This is the kind of opportunities that we African needs but unfortunately most of us are not sincere to ourselves but nevertheless I want to thank the source of this great family n I pray that we make positive use of this opportunity n change our own lives n the continent at large.

  35. This is really great opportunity. I wouldn’t miss in the next slot to be funded.

  36. Hi, I would like to be considered for a start loan for a hotel on a three acre land that I own

  37. When is nxt application

  38. Stephen Osei Bonsu

    Please sir am a Ghanaian and am into agribusiness I’ve looking for this opportunity am willing to join,please alert me so that I will be one of the beneficiary thank you.

  39. Am in Malawi southern part of Africa, my business plan is focused on rural livestock improvement with in a interest of the marginalized people nutrition support,

  40. Thank you for this opportunity. Pls am a film director and I want to do movies about children and disabilities since we don’t have such movies in our country. I will appreciate a financial help from you sir.

  41. Griffiths Griff Nkhwazi

    I am a Malawian man, aged 40 years ood. Married qnd we hwve one child. I am a civil servant working with Malawi government as accounts assistant.

    With the little salary($100) I get, I have managed to buy two BG peace of land after some savings for a country for a couple of years. It is a land for sugar cane cultivation ,which is sold to Illovo Sugar Company for sugar production. Due to lack of capital and that I receive little, I can’t manage to cultivate the land any time soon. The land is very fertile and that if I can manage to get the loan, I should be able to pay back with 8 months from the month I get the loan. I am looking for $4,000 cultivate the whole land I have.

    I am looking forward to your favorable consideration on my request.


  42. i am a cameroonian, working on water projects , please let me know the next period for applications

  43. I have a car wash business currently running with difficulties financially,when and if helped financially I will recreate more than 20 direct employment in ndola Zambia…And also a fast food business is also viable opportunity

  44. Sir, I,m keenly interested in Tony elumelu,s foundation. Sir, I would like to use it to register with Dangote group as one of their distributors selling, cements, semovitas, salt, macaronis & what have u in my state, Nasarawa hence, Iam an indigene. I was born in the year, 1968. This is my number: 08036857594. 07056082465. Urs faithfully, Samuel Aku.

  45. I have a cleaning service business whereby I distribute bins around the residence and collect them every week to disposal to the recommended area am also running a private labour office its aim is to hhelp my fellow youth to find jobs likes being garden boys,house maids etc but its not operating accordingly because of financial problems


  47. I and my friend have BSc degree in electrical engineering from the College of engineering technology, Hūn, Aljufra, Libya, We have executed graduation project for improving the field of transform electrical energy wirelessly on 14/08/2016. This project won the first place on local universities competition in Libya. Later, we used the project to write scientific paper, which published, on a conference for industrial technology in the city of Misurata, Libya. The paper includes design a new conductor for increase the electrical energy transfer efficiency, in addition to the ability to control the shape of magnetic field for the transmitter conductor, We like learn more in this field

  48. I am a recent graduate from University of NUST .l am currently working at a 24 hour medical centre as a Diagnostic Radiographer.I have bought one mobile ultrasound machine and let need to invest in more .There are no ultrasound scans in most rural areas and l to develop this business. Employ more graduates there and make an impact to human life.

  49. I look forward to being part of the programme. I am a young Kenyan with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

  50. Hello, am Bisuha Javis and am an Orphan from Uganda.Aam done with my education though i have not graduated simply because of tuition issues with the University. But i have my good business plan i would love to present to you with an investment in return. Thanks, i will be grateful to have you considered my issue.

  51. I’m a Malawian running bee keeping farming. I don’t have enough resources to keep business growing interms of solid structures where to sell honey. May you consider me on this one.

  52. Am Wilson Maluki from Kenya and a business Man I pray that you consider me for loan to bust my small business of spare parts.thankx in advance

  53. I want to partner with my colleague in an Emarald mine and I need something like a $3,000,000. So that I can pump in for start up capital.

  54. je m’appelle astou ndiaye j’ai en ce as lje ne jui pas a l’ecole par ce que mes parents n’ont pas les moyenne j’habite au senegal mercie de m’avoir ecouter

  55. Hello would lobe to start a small business am a resident in Zimbanwe.

  56. Bonjour ,
    Je suis très content de cette opportunités et à tant que agriculteur résident en RDCongo, je souhaite vivement saisir cette occasion.
    Merci de me tenir informer pour les prochains événements

  57. Onchoke Nyaboga mathew

    Great idea TEEP. Am on your neck.

  58. Sir i am very interested on applying and would like to know if the applications are still oppend now

  59. Am for on Ghana, am into agri business and needs some funds

  60. Am from Ghana, am into agri business and needs some funds

  61. My business idea looks to aggregate small actions to create and extract value in agricultural industry.

  62. I currently am running Business of video production, but challenges is insufient of financial to run for effective of my business. so i would like to know the way how you offer this finance from your foundation

  63. Please I have business idea but I need help

  64. Yetneberk abebe ayane

    I have best business idea in small business in shoe pulush

  65. Sserunkuuma Peter

    Hullo, am called Sserunkuuma peter a Ugandan lives in Uganda. I stopped my education on ‘O’ -level because school tuition. No am practicing simple farming and poultry keeping.I would love to became an international person in farming and helping my fellow farmers to archive there goals. I have the land where to practice the activity but the responsibility!! I will be so greatfull if am considered in program. Thank you.

  66. Sserunkuuma Peter

    Hullo, am called Sserunkuuma peter a Ugandan lives in Uganda. I stopped my education on ‘O’ -level because school tuition. No am practicing simple farming and poultry keeping.I would love to became an international person in farming and helping my fellow farmers to archive there goals. I have the land where to practice the activity but the responsibility!! I will be so greatfull if am considered in the program. Thank you.

  67. Patience Daniel Freeman

    I am into events management, outdoors catering and decoration. I have a team of 4 for the events management and 4 for the catering services.
    Am I eligible to apply? And what is the procedure to access funding or loans?
    Thank you

    Patience Daniel Freeman

  68. My name is Joseph from uganda. I am into agriculture wwhere by i am growing rice on a hired land. I hope that with the funding accorded to me, I will be able to expand my businese and employ more people.

  69. Please i have a great business idea and I need your help…
    I am a Refugee living in zambia and i am in tertiary level of education. I need to start this business or otherwise I will drop out of school because I’m not on bazaries. I am paying for myself and it’s a great challenge. Please assist me


    I am a rural community developer, grant proposal writer, researcher and farmer,
    i would want a partner or any NGO to come to my aid for a collaborative implementation of a project in Ghana to empower agriculture growth mainly in cassava production, gari and starch processing in some selected arable farming communities in the Northern part of Ghana to empower women to improve livelihood to elevate poverty and hunger. contact me for more information.
    My contacts: +233203479639, benjaminkafari@gmail.com.

  71. Hi, My name is Katleho Mpopo, am from Lesotho and currently still enrolled in tertiary to get my degree. First what I’ve realised is that most of the graduates are affected by unemployment and this seems like it’s not to slow down anytime soon but I came up with a business idea , it is still on paper but I believe in it and I need help in implementing it so as to contribute to this fight against unemployment ;not just to save the graduate but everyone even those who did not get the opportunity to enrol in Education. Please I would appreciate your help. Thank you.

  72. Do you need an urgent loan to pay your bills or do you want to start a business?
    Then Star loans Company is the right place for you because that is where i got my loan to start up my business. Contact them on starloansfirm@gmail.com

  73. Hello,
    My name is William Phiri, am into supplying of different types of products.

  74. Good ideal indeed I am very much interested, and I have a number of business plans, such as construction which I am doing now and also wants to ventre in agriculture

  75. I am a business woman and I deal in supplies of office stationery and printing which has employed alot of the youth but funding has always been a challenge for my business growth.
    I will be very blessed if I could get help in the area of funding.

  76. Sichinsambwe Vine

    Sichinsambwe Vine

    I’m a Zambian who looks forward to owing an Agro business and to be specific fish farming for we have fish deficit in our country and Sourthen Africa. If the program is still on I’ll be more than glad to be part of the big African family who want to bring change to our economy.

  77. My business idea is: I can repair mobile phone and with the level of my knowledge, if I pass through training abroad. I will manufacture phone.

  78. Ayantade Abiodun Aderemi

    I am interested pleasr

  79. I am William from South Sudan,
    In SouthSudan there are alot of investments and business opportunities as such, in the field Mining, Insurance, Agriculture, Health, Hydro power and there is a need for small & large scale industries for food production. Looking forward for business grants.



  81. This is a great opportunity I have been looking for in the past years. And I know many will be help to reduce the unemployment in Africa even if am not giving the opportunity to get access to the foundation’s help. My fellow youth is only entrepreneurs who can move African from a developing continent to the next level as the world moves on.
    God bless all those who thought it twice to bring this chance to the youth of Africa.

  82. First of all, God bless all who worked hard in their busy schedules to think of Africa in the years ahead.
    My friends and great Africans our continent is full of unemployed skill and unskilled labour but we can change this by we(the youth) becoming entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is what can move African from being a developing continent. So Start something and I tell you it will growth like the fig tree.
    Don’t let failure discourage you, even if am not given the chance to the help of the foundation I won’t give up ,I will still do something to Help mother Africa.

  83. Evans Thobias Mwanibingo


    I am so interested with this idea, I have great passion in agriculture and bee keeping. I have a piece of land which I haven’t started developing it, I have failed to develop it because of the lack of funds.

    When I saw this piece of information I was so moved with it. Eagerly to hearing from you.

  84. Nice idea for african’s youths and manpower in general
    We have many projects waiting for investments although plans, studies and necessary manpower exist.
    Do you invest in Tunisia, if yes I will send you summuries.
    I want to be your representatives in Tunisia. I can grant offices, staff and what is needed
    Thank you
    Ratiba Abid

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