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Now Open: Australia Government Scholarships for 10000 African Students 2018/2019 (Undergraduate and Graduate Studies)

From 1st September, application opens for Australia Awards Scholarships 2017/2018. There are two categories of Award: Australian Awards Scholarships, to undertake higher degree studies in Australia at Masters level. And Australia Awards Short Courses, to undertake short-term, targeted professional training courses, in Australia and/or in Africa, in a range of development-focused sectors.

Application Deadline: 15th December, 2017 | Application for Short Courses closes 15th January, 2018.

Offered annually? Yes

Eligible Countries: Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroun, Cape Verde, Comoros, Congo(Republic of), Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, The Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Malawi, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sao Tome & Principe, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia etc

In addition to the above, the following countries are eligible for Short Course Awards (SCAs)

Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Mauritania, Niger, North Sudan, Republic of Guinea, South Sudan

To be taken at: African or Australian Universities.

Priority Fields (varies by African country)

  • Agriculture/Food Security
  • Education
  • Health
  • Public Policy (including public sector management, public sector reform, trade, international diplomacy)
  • Environmental Management
  • Natural Resource Management (including mining related subjects)
  • Technical and Vocational Education & Training (available for Short Courses only)
  • Energy (including Natural Gas and Oil Technology)
  • Infrastructure
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Transport (including Ports, Roads and Airports Management)

About the Award: Australia Awards, a cornerstone of the Australian Government’s development assistance program for Africa, provide access to postgraduate education, training and professional development opportunities for suitably qualified Africans from eligible countries. On their return to the workplace, Australia Awards Alumni are expected to contribute actively to development in their home countries.

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Offered Since: 1980

Type: Masters taught degrees and short courses

Eligibility: Varies by country (see link below for specific country eligibility criteria)

  • You must be at least 25 and not more than 50 years of age at the date of your application.
  • You must have at least three (3) years’ relevant post graduate work experience. This work experience must be in a role relevant to your proposed field of study and to your employment organization type (e.g. public sector applicants should demonstrate public sector work experience, and so on). Preference will be given to candidates with greater periods of experience.
  • You possess, as a minimum, a Bachelors degree (or the equivalent) from a recognized Institution of at least 4 years in length with at least a 3rd Class Pass.
  • Public sector candidates must comply with Government of Nigeria regulations for government employees wishing to apply for scholarships.
  • Public sector, private sector and civil society candidates must provide evidence of completion of the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) when they apply.
  • You must not already hold, or be studying for, a Masters degree.
  • You must be willing to make a formal commitment to return to your current employment following completion of the award.
  • You must meet the general minimum eligibility criteria for Australia Awards Scholarships – refer to the Australia Awards Scholarships policy handbook.

Target Group

  • You are a national of an African country. See country list below
  • You are an early or mid-career professional working in the Public Sector, the Private Sector or a Non-Government Organization (Civil Society) in one of the listed priority fields of study.
  • You wish to undertake a Masters degree in Australia in one of the listed priority fields of study. You cannot study a Masters of Business Administration.
  • You have a clear vision for how you will use the knowledge gained through the Masters degree to improve policy, practice or education in the proposed field of study.
  • Gender Equality: Australia Awards target equal participation by women and men. Applications from women are strongly encouraged, and mechanisms are in place to support women applicants and Awardees.
  • Disability Inclusion: Australia Awards aim to ensure that people with a disability are given fair and equal opportunity to compete for and obtain a scholarship. Applications from people with a disability are strongly encouraged. Mechanisms are in place to support applicants and Awardees requiring specific assistance.
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Number of Scholarships: Up to 1,000

Value of Scholarships: This is a Full government sponsored scholarship

Duration of Scholarship: For the duration of the programme

Select your country of origin. Follow the specific instruction on the page.

Sponsors: Australia Awards in Africa (AAA), an initiative of the Australian Government.

To Apply: Visit the Application Link

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  1. TEZIA FOKA Sorel Xavier

    Je souhaiterai bénéficer de cette opportunité. Je suis Camerounais agé de 35 ans. Je suis enseignant de formation, titulaire du Certificat d’Aptitude Pédagogique des Instituteurs de l’Enseignement Maternelle et Primaire, j’exerce dans le privé depuis 6 ans. j’ai une licence en Psychologie de l’Enfant et du développement. Merci de recevoir ma demande.

  2. Kourouma Moussa 2

    Je suis vivement motivé pour étudier à l’étranger, car votre formation renferme beaucoup d’atout pour nous.

  3. ayodeji ogungbayibi


  4. Prince Neah Korlue


    Greeting come you People to Information your that intresnting in the scholarship,i am a liberian here in Ghana i will be too happy for your respond

  5. Hi,Please I am interested.

  6. I am very sorry that somalia is not in the list of both short courses and postgraduate courses,which criteria have you used to not add in the list?or you are not aware somalia is in africa an is african country not in Asia and if it’s about security issue there is a countries in the list which are worse than somalia,please clarify that and I hope you re-think and change your position because somali youth who are in different countries especially those who are in dadaab refugee camp are in need of your help.
    Thank you.

  7. Why SOMALIA is not in the list.

  8. I am a graduate from Accra Technical university Ghana, I hold HND in Accounting, I want to apply for a scholarship in Australia to study Transport ( including port) Road and Airport management.

  9. Dear,
    i am Somali
    i wonder why Somalia exclude the eligible Countries?
    Don’t we have the right to apply?

  10. Mohamed abdullahi mohamud

    why Somalia is out of this list.?
    Isn’t Is one of the African countries and haven’t civil rights of scholarship in Australia .
    Why you denyed Somalia.?
    we have same hope for these students and we are wishing to make better.
    When you are supporting community it’s must to have some 👐 .
    Thank you. I am waiting your response.

  11. This is really good opportunity to the young African change makers and i really appereciate the generosity of Australian government and their people, but i wonder why Somalia isn’t included the list of eligible countries. me and thousands of young Somalis are badly need to benefit such a generous opportunity in order to rebuild our country.

  12. Prince Neah Korlue

    I greet you People in the name of our lord jesus christ.
    Am a liberian here in Ghana i have intresnt in the scholarship and wish to be part of it i hope to here from you People.

  13. I just finished my degree last year in October 2016 and I’m looking forward to feather my studies. I would love to join you and makes dreams comes true.

    Akol Alfred Manyang Mading

  14. Unlucky, i have a big dismorale when i see list countries they have a government they have power economic and u add them the list that can request this scholarship opporotunity but i’m Somali we haven’t any power my self i grduated the school before 3 years now and still i didn’t start University lack of economy and i can’t request this opporotunity becouse we r not in the list actually i’m sorry good day.

  15. I need mster dcree scholership

  16. When are you going to start offering scholarships in IT/Computer Science at Masters level?

  17. i;m somalian student my country is not on the list, can i apply.

  18. I want to paticipate in a short time course focusing on urban development areas like urban planning, land administration, housing and infrastructure development. Do you have any short time courses on those fields?

  19. Why not Somalia?

  20. Farxiya ibrahim yusuf

    Hello i want to apply the australian scolarship
    I.m midwife so i want to increase my knowledge.

  21. Dahir Salad Mohamed

    Thanks for your Support toward African Students
    The first my Name is Dahir Salad Mohamed
    I live in Mogdishu-Somalia I need Capacity Building and Extra knowledge
    Because I am human right Activist and want to be international Developer

  22. Hi Sir/Madam,

    I would like to kindly ask you why Somalia not included the African countries that eligible to apply this scholarship?
    I look forward to hearing from you soon
    Thank you.


  23. We do appreciate this opportunity offered by the Australian Government.

  24. I am interested

  25. Abdirashid Nur Ali

    my name is abdirashid Nur from somalia, i live in Cairo-egypt
    i study cairo university faculty of agriculture specially organic farming.
    i would like to get scholarship and study abroad.please help me or share with me any information.


  26. that’s a great opportunity for African youth. but I’m requesting Australian government to give Refugees in Dadaab the largest refugee camps. we are here more than 25years. and we are not helping to go back to Somalia because there’s no bright future in Somalia so as we are the youth of dadaab camps we are in the open up cells please try to help us like that opportunity

  27. I think it chance for African

  28. Medicine(human medicine and surgery)

  29. Abdinasir Ali abshir

    Thank you for your scholarship

  30. abdirahman Mohamed Ibrahim

    Yes, I need this scholarship and I am somali I completed my first degree of business administration for four years
    2015 /2016

  31. Iam bachelor from natural resources management and one year experience.i need to learn food security.

  32. I’m interested in this scholarship

  33. I’m interested in this scholarship
    Environment management.

  34. l like this, looking foward to this kind of favour

  35. ismail abdikadir abukar

    am ismail live in nairobi kenya

  36. Dear Sir /madam am kindly applying for scholarship of African scholarship to Australian

  37. I want to learn more about agriculture.

  38. I want to learn more about medicine.

  39. where do l apply

  40. Please,
    I would like to ask if this scholarship is for only postgraduates ? I am a Ghanaian second year undergraduate, reading Human Resources Management. And I will be grateful if you offer me this opportunity to help me continue my studies.

  41. Good morning im Richard melilo from Kenya iwish to apply for a master degree in environmental science (solid waste management option) which university offers this course in Australia

  42. Farhaan mohamed ahmed

    I want to learn to be Healthy please contact me.

  43. Iam graduated jj u feilds business and economic
    Department of managenet
    I want to increase my knowledge .

  44. IMANISHIWE Jean Pierre

    I am Burundian, i need mester

  45. My name is Muhammed Shako. I am an Ethiopian. I have MSc .i Agricultural Economics (Agriculture). I am very interested in this scholar. How and where I can apply???

  46. am south sudanese national and interested in this scholarship ,i have high school certificate

  47. Hello,
    Im Moroccan.
    I’m coming to have my master’s degree in renewable energy and storage, and im really want to enrich my energy specialty throught your program.
    I am very interested.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  48. wondimagegn Mathewos

    I am Looking for scholarship

  49. Nsabiyumva Jean claude

    je suis vraiment interessé

  50. Jacob N Dickson Jr

    Hi, my name is Jacob N Dickson Jr. I’m from Liberia . I’m anticipating of being a Agriculturalist…

  51. Achuil Noon Achuil

    am Johnson Akuei Malok Noon from South Sudan looking to undertake the short course in Australia and if u can be able to help me with that i will be so much grateful for that matter i am so much scared of

  52. My name is Teshome Atirisie from Ethiopia.I need scholaship.am graduted by Emergency and Critical Care Nursing by first degree.know i need to upgrade to master level if got a chance.

  53. Mahad abdiwali abdi

    My name is mahad abdiwali ilive somalia specially in Mogadishu i ask for scholarship thanks

  54. Dear sir,or Madam.
    I am a Sierra leonean by nationality, presently I am in Kuwait, working for KNPC,Kuwait national petroleum company, working as a civil.
    I have a good ideas on occupational health and safety, in this regard I shall be great full to received this opportunity to study in Australia, base on occupational health.
    I thank you for taken the time reading my information

  55. Sou africano de Moçambique. pesso uma vaga para vossa universidade. Luís Marcelo

    God bless you.

  57. Pls am Solomon okeke an under graduate ,would love to further my studies in environmental management. Thanks

  58. i thank you for supporting african student to attend on your honer org

  59. ii am interested too. am from Kenya and i would love to do a masters in natural resource management. i have bachelor degree in spatial planning and natural resource management


    I want to learn more about medicine

  61. I really need this schorlaship,how do i proceed ?please do reply me via my email

  62. talk to employers, let them put methods of application


    Good afternoon, may name is Assane Jose Sozinho, a Mozambican, naturist fron northern Mozambique (Nampula), and I’m looking for an opportunity studies in the course I’ve always dreamed of (medicine). thank you.

  64. I need the scholarship

  65. Interested…

  66. Aurelio Comprido Ribelia

    A iniciativa é louvável ćonutudo como será a seleção pós eu preciso destas vagas.

  67. I have Bsc in nursing please if possible make the user of chance

  68. For better performance

  69. I am from South Sudan and interested to advance my education

  70. Ablerh Paul Lawerh

    Need the scholarship for my Pharm. doc.

  71. I’m come From Somalia I’m really gonna like to success for this .

  72. c’est vraiment une opportunité à saluer pour nous jeunes en quête de savoir! je suis intéressé

  73. I’m interesting on this scholarship and may you please help to get it.. thank you. Be blessed

  74. I am kidane Habte from Eritrea i am diploma holder on veterinary science.

  75. So i am interested

  76. i am really interested but where to apply?

  77. I am intress in your fellowship programme to support o
    tstanding people around the world, If approved i would be very greatfull.
    Thanks for your usual coporations

  78. Ahmed nour mahamud sulub

    Thanks. For giving this opportunity

  79. I saw Sierra Leone on the eligible countries, but when click on the map of Sierra Leone, there were no provision for Sierra Leoneans. If someone wants to apply from Sierra Leone, What will be the link and how he/she will apply?

  80. Am interested in Mining, Australia

  81. Am in Botswana and very much interested young lady.My field of study is mining engineering at Diploma leve.Our country ‘S GDP rely much on mining and if there is a possibility of taking Diploma holders please contact me.currently working for the public sector here in Botswana, 5+ yrs experience.

  82. am interested in this scholarship program, I want to further in Environmental management, pls inbox me on how to apply via my email : danielaneniokus@yahoo.com. thanks.

  83. Hey, my name is Diane Nifasha and I’m doing psychology. I’m interested in this scholarship, I’m from Burundi

  84. Ahmed nour mahamud sulub

    Thanks for giving this opportunity

  85. I would like more information on studying agriculture for my masters.Am from Kenya.

  86. Kenneth Kennedy Kweku Owusu Nyame

    Dear sir/madam
    I am Kenneth Kennedy Kweku Owusu Nyame from Ghana. I will be very glad if I am given the opportunity to study Energy in Australia in order to help my country. Thank you

  87. Hello,

    Please my name is Rudolf Owusu, a vibrant graduate from the University of Ghana, Legon. I am honestly and seriously need a scholarship to study at your country for a masters degree programme. I would be very enthused if I could be given the opportunity or being shortlisted for such a glorious opportunity to study and make dream of graduating with a masters degree certification a reality. Thanks so much!

  88. I am a software Engineer and I want to continue my further education in Austurlia for the post graduate

  89. hi
    i am from Libya and I am interested to study in Australia

  90. hello am Fatumata from cameroon and i will love to be part of your institution. my field of study is Transport

  91. Addisu Adane Endalew

    Hello gentel men…really this is good oppoetunitiy;lf you select me &give a chance to study MSC in A beautifull country Australia . I am Addisu Adane Endalew from Ethiopia ,i have BSC degree in Golden profession Nursing.pls pls..contat me in +251921282036.l have 4 yrs work experience .

  92. how do I apply

  93. Why the quickly economically recovering nation of somalia isn’t in the list.

    Australian authorities should answer this question.

  94. Am Eriga Francis in Uganda, I request for a scholarship of Bachelors Degree in Agriculture or Entreprenuership.

  95. Im a Zimbabwean and im very interested ,I would like to apply

  96. I am Tesfalem from Eritrea. Currently a refugee in Ethiopia. I have done two first degree; BA in Economics from College of Business and Economics, Eritrea and BA in Marketing Management from Adigrat University, Ethiopia. Yet, I still want to pursue Masters in Environmental Economics. Please let me know if I am eligible?

  97. It is for good opportunities and we need
    My named eid abdi saed

  98. I would be interested to join your school

  99. Interested in Masters in agriculture. Have Bsc food science

  100. I am Very interested to attend my Masters program in your school in Environmental studies….please share your information in my Email…misgina.b1986@gmail.com Tks

  101. Samtawit Tegegnework Berbre

    Am from Ethiopia i really like what you are doing,keep up the good work.and am interested by this scholarship i have BA degree by Accounting .I will waiting your quick response Thank You

  102. Samrawit Tegegnework Berbre

    Am from Ethiopia i really like what you are doing,keep up the good work and am interested by this scholarship i have BA degree by Accounting.I will waiting your quick response ,Thank you

  103. Good day. I am interested in applying for the Public Policy, including Public Sector Management, Public Sector Reform, Trade and International Diplomacy Masters Degree.

    Kindly advise.

    • I am Steven Solomon from South Sudan i have graduated with Diploma in Accounting and iam looking forward for feather studies if you could draw your ear to my concern.
      i have very difficult to continue my BA in Accounting.
      by Steven Solomon

  104. This is marvellous I hope I will get an opportunity to study there.May God bless you.

  105. Ahmed Mohmoud Omar xasan

    my name is Ahmed Mohmoud Omar xasan.i finished in secondary schools before 1 year. so I need schoolship

  106. I’m from the Gambia and I’m interested in applying for a Masters Program if Iam accepted

  107. Mathias Tommy Nosegbe

    Dear sir,
    i’m interested in the energy course.

  108. how to apply?

  109. My name is abdikafi I am somali I want learn in economics scholarship thanks

  110. Dinka Lamesa Leta

    I’m Dinka Lamesa from ethiopia I’m bsc nurse I graduated in 2009 I’m working at hawasa referal hospital please help me to join your inistitution

  111. I’m a graduate of Biochemistry without work experience, living in South Sudan. I want pursue my career in a different field not directly relevant to my first degree. Will it be granted to me?

    I’m interested to study one of the following courses
    1. Public Health
    2. Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases
    3. Epidemiology
    4. Applied Human Nutrition

    Kor Puoch, Juba, South Sudan

  112. Hello I need this scholarship that should Be a good opportunity to improrve myself i nées health courses

  113. Balde Mamadou Bassirou

    I want to study computers to perform

  114. So Zimbabweans don’t deserve this again?
    Or we’re on the ‘etc’ part of the list

  115. my name is Dinka Lamesa from ethiopia i am a nurse i graduated in 2017 by Bsc nurse with GPA of 3.70 i have taken award from my university my ambition to upgrade my knowldge with time please offer me this chance i want to be RN nurse in austalia i accept any please you offer me contact me 0912100836 or dinkalamesa6@gmail.com

  116. Hello am from Kenya and am very much interested with the scholarship to study in Australia… your feedback will be highly appreciated. Thank you

  117. Dr. Sitota Tesfaye

    I am Dr. Sitota Tesfaye from Ethiopia. I graduated with DVM degree ( Doctor of veterinary medicine) from Jimma university. Hence i seek postgraduate study in any related fields. I am member of poor family member and duty minded to carry any load of work after graduation at any required area.

  118. Alabraba Onengiyeofori


  119. I have been email with information on the scholarship but don’t know how to get started, am interested in the short term study in Public Policy.

  120. I am from Congo Brazzaville and i need to keep on with thé master degree in civil engineering

  121. why libya map doesont work please let me know if libya included for application or no

  122. Osagiede Amenaghawon

    My name is Osagiede Amenaghawon from Edo state Nigeria. I graduated from university of Benin. Agriculture / Economics and Extenson Service. Please i seek postgraduate in any related course.

  123. i will be happy if i got this opportunity.

  124. I am from south Sudan I want to apply can you help me pleas

  125. I am from south Sudan I want to continue my study I have tapply can you help me pleas

  126. Rwangalinde fidele

    I’m interested please inform us for anything else needed

  127. aboubakar kaimangue alain

    I am cameroonian and interested to advance my knowlege in communication!

  128. My name Is Reis Mahammed From Ethiopia I Need Scholar Msc in Natural Resource Management.

  129. I am interested in your scholarships i have BSC in midwayfery and I fulfilled the criteria that listed on the above if you have voluntary contacts with my email address Tsegawbelete2006@gmail.com or Facebook lij tsegaw or phone no 0930989086

  130. i need the scholarship

  131. i am from Ethiopia I have a degree by hotel management am interested by food security please contact me

  132. I am a graduate from Wollega university one of popular university in Ethiopia, I hold Bsc Degree in Public Health Officer, I want to apply for a scholarship in Australia to study Public Health,Epidiomiology,and Biostatics specialities.

  133. Hello! I am Tabi George Nkoh
    I am a teacher of English language by profession. I work with the Cameroonian Government. I wish to take the short course on agriculture and food security. I have a Bachelors degree on English language and literature in English

  134. Hello. I am Tabi George Nkoh. I am a Teacher of English language. I work with the Cameroonian government. I wish to take a course on Agriculture and food security. I intern to use this added knowledge to improve on the production of agricultural produce in Cameroon in particular and Africa in general.

  135. Lovely, I wish to be part of the scholarship students from Nigeria.

  136. I’m Joplee from Liberia, and i want to do my Master in community health Nursing

  137. Pls am interested in the scholarship but am not seeing any link to apply for the scholarship. Pls kindly help us pls bcos we are in need of it

  138. Hello ! my name is Samrawit Habtom i have a B.SC Degree in Architecture and urban planning recently & i m interested develop my skill in the public policy on undergraduate class , thank you with best regard

  139. Timothy Garmondyu Zahn

    I see this scholarship as a unique opportunity for me. If granted to me, I will perform to the best of my ability.

  140. A’m from Ethiopis
    Interested in schooolarshi offered by you

  141. I’m in love with this offer

  142. Mohammed abdullahi hassan

    My name is Mohammed abdullahi , I am Somalian young who have secondary certificate many years I stay my house because I can’t able to go university , so I need this opportunity since this opportunity is appropriate like me so helpe me to get Australian scholarship

  143. alewya heyredin hassen

    i need the scholarship
    how to apply?
    from ethiopia

  144. I am interested in the opportunity offered by Australia government in the area of Masters in environmental management. This indeed is an opportunity for those of have the passion to change our society but do not have the mean. Thank you Australia government for this gesture.

  145. I am interesting for this offer

  146. Eyong Kendra tambe

    Please am Eyong Kendra from Cameroon ,am interested please can you direct me on who to apply thanks

  147. I have interest to learn pharmacalogy

  148. Mbaoma Stephen Onteka

    Thanks for your support to african youths
    I seriously need the scholarship.
    I’m from Nigeria.

  149. Mogdishu /somalia

  150. If i get the opportunity i am interested to study on explosive engineering for mining and construction sector.

  151. I’ an Ethiopian call Muhyadin, and have bachelor Degree of International Relations so I interest to enhance my knowledge from there. wish you understand

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