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Erasmus Fully Funded Masters Scholarships for Non-EU and EU Students, 2018

Applications are invited for the all-new call i.e. STeDe Master Scholarships open to non-EU and EU starting in September 2018. Around 20 scholarships will be awarded in the context of this selection.

Course Level: Scholarships are available to pursue Master degree programme.

Study Subject: This programme offers students a leading education in the field of sustainable territorial development.

Scholarship Award: Erasmus+ Scholarships amount to 24,000 Euros for the whole study programme (Monthly allowance).

In addition, support for the travel and installation is provided according to the candidates’ category (EU or non-EU students).

Number of Scholarships: Every year about 20 scholarships are expected to be available for non-EU and EU students.

Eligibility: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

STeDe Master Course is open to non-EU and EU candidates.

We welcome students with:

  • Bachelor degree or equivalent (min. 180 ECTS, 3 years of study)
  • A good command of English and French, both spoken and written
  • A strong motivation and personal interest in sustainable development

Nationality:  Scholarships are available to non-EU and EU candidates.

How to Apply: The mode of application is online.

visit the Official Scholarship Website for more details.

Application Deadline: Submissions are due by 31st January, 2018.

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  1. I am a student in guinea I want to studying in Europa

    • I have Bsc in construction technology and would wish to continue the masters outside Ghana how can I get admission for further studies Abroad?

  2. I have first degree in social science and teacher grade one certificates from Cameroon. I will be happy if I’m selected to further my studies. Thanks for the confidence.

  3. I am intersted this kind of scholarship. I gratuade B.sc degree of agribusiness management an wanna MBA, please give the chance to parttake in it.
    I am Ethiopian citizen

  4. I need master degree in medicine pediatric

  5. firs thank of allah second iam somali student i have degree then i interest scolarship please sellect me
    thank you all of you

  6. je suis titulaire un diplomé de licence 3 en droit public j’aimerais continué mes études pour etre plus performante

    • My name is yasmin dahir I’m interested this apportunity plz help me
      I want to bachelor degree of public health officer

  7. thak you !

  8. Salut moi c’est Sodre Aminata j’aimerais poursuivre mes études dans votre université et comment faire pour bénéficier de votre bourse d’étude

  9. I am interested in pursuing my further education in Europe. I graduated with B. A. Integrated Business studies ( management option ). I will be happy if I will get opportunity to pursue my master degree in financial engineering.

    • Thank you so much for this chance. I am interested in pursuing my future education in Europe. I graduated with B.A. Jouranalism and Communcation studies. I will be happy If I will get it opportunity to pursue my master degree in Business Administration. Thanks once again

  10. Suleiman Elmi Ahmed

    I went to get this opportunity i am bachelor degree.
    Contact me 252615662112

  11. Ali Bashir abdikadir

    I would like to thank you for giving me a great opportunity to advice how I can get this chance I am mogadisho from Somalia I’m bachelor degree holder of public health I am interest to get our scholarship master degree to develop my knowledge I need full scholarship wait response hopefully ( Glory to god )

  12. Je suis des télécommunications. Et je souhaite continuer.

  13. I am wendatir Fanose a medicine student in Ethiopia ,I want to perform far reached research on deadly disease , here even in the historic university no more facility, so help me . please contact me with +251941069471

  14. I am a Zimbabwean ,I just graduated from African Christian college ,in Swaziland on 18 November 2017 with a Bachelor of degree in Theology ,major counselling.
    I am seeking for fully funded scholarship to do Masters in 2018.
    Please kindly assist.

  15. What is the requiement for having a job

  16. انامهتم في توصله تعلمي في الماجستير في ادارة الاعمال

  17. I am PhD student

  18. I am PhD student in mathematics

  19. My name is Tesfalem Tareke am from Ethiopia Special thank for UNION Europe for given opportunity to learn in scholarship.I am interested more to learn in scholar ship.I study in degree Managment i would like to my level education TOP-UPDEGREE. If I get this opportunity i willbe happy to study in Europe please contactme phone+251927825507 my emails Email:TesfalemTareke24@gmail.com Email:TesfalemTareke31@yahoo.com Email:Tesfalemtt1@gmail.com Email:TesfalemTareke9@instagram.com

  20. Istudy in master geology

  21. hadj sadok soumeya

    I gaduated from the high school in commecial studies of algiers and I am looking forward to studying in europe for a PHD . I am 24 and I have got a very good command in both french and english langages.

  22. Kouassi ngoran Joël

    Hello i name kouassi n goran Joël ,i live in ivory coast i have degree in geography and I would like to depen my knowledge and continue my studies especially to go doctorate.I saw you ad and I really want to apply.

  23. I am a Ghanaian student with a degree in psychology and wishes to pursue my education at your prestigious institution. Thanks

  24. My name is Soumah Ibrahima Sory i’m guinean. I’m gratuated in biologie now i want to follow my master cours in Europe. This dream will give me a good chance to change my family life and to renforce my knowledge in the science. Thank you!

  25. I need to application link

  26. Martin Luther Bohamou

    Salut !
    Je suis Martin Luther Bohamou,diplômé de l’ISAVGE de Faranah/Guinée désirant avoir une bourse pour l’approfondissement de mes études..
    Dans l’attente d’une suite favorable, veuillez agréer l’expression de mes sentiments distingués.

  27. I have first degree of Business Adminstration and i like this opportunity, i need master degree of Business Adminstration (MBA). So please respect my requst

    • My name is Tesfaye kenassa am from Ethiopia,Oromia Currently working at Regional Coordinater of NGO all over the the region.Special Thanks for the UNION for this chance in order to attain scholar ship at Europe. I am intersted to learn additional master degree in scholar ship in any field of study

      contact phone number +251911058355

  28. Nice site to see

  29. I am interested this kind of scholarship l have first degree of medical laboratories please the chance thanks all of you

  30. I’m intersted in stydying an electricity or business management master degree in your university.would you please provide me with the necessary information about your scholarschip yoou offer to foreign student.

  31. I’m algerian doctor . I want to continus my speciality in medical science

  32. My name is Ahmed Elmi ,I’m contacting you from Somaliland. I’m interested in this kind of scholarships. I did BA degree of education (Bachelor of Art). I thank u in advance if you consider my request.

  33. Guido Paulino Muamuiro

    Tenho o mestrado em Educação/Ensino de Filosofia. E gostava de aprofundar fazer o PhD em Filosofia da Ciência.

  34. Iam from the GAMBIA, and I am very much interested in your Masters degree programmes as I already have Bachelors degree

  35. I have a Higher National Diploma (HND)

  36. I’d like to apply for scholarship. Am aa holder of B degree in African Languages and Literature from the National University of Rwanda. I am from Rwanda.


    De nationalité tchadienne, je suis titulaire d’une licence en droit et d’un master en relations internationales . Je souhaite participer à cette formation afin d’approfondir mes connaissances. Espérant que ma candidature retiendra votre attention, je reste disponible à fournir tous renseignements supplémentaires.

  38. I am Bayissa Fufa from Ethiopia.I have BA Degree in accounting from Haramaya University,Ethiopia.I want further learning in any Business Related Master programme in Europe. Thank you for your understanding.

  39. je suis un tchadien bachelier et je suis intéressé par votre offre

  40. je viens de Madagascar, j’ai une diplome de licence en mathématique et désirant une bourse pour approfondire mes études.

  41. My name is Bereket Darebo I am from Ethiopia. Thank you very much for this chance. I am very interested in pursuing my future education in Europe. I graduated with MA Environment and Development from Addis Abeba University, Ethiopia. I will be happy if I get the chance to pursue my PhD degree in Environment and Development. Thanks,

  42. I am intreasted please gave me more details.

  43. Thank you for opening this chance. I from where our ancestor “Lucy” was found. That is Ethiopia with a masters degree in Accounting and Finance. I will be very glad if I get the chance to continue my PHD.

    AMESEGINALOH (Thank you)

  44. hi dear i am abrha and am an Ethiopian .i have graduated Bsc in electrical engineering from Mekelle University (EiT-M).i have a great desire to learn Msc in Wireless Communication and Networking in your university if i get the scholarship chance.i hope you will select me as your student and i am eager to learn my postgraduate study in your university.

    yours sincerley
    abrha gebremedhin

  45. Bonjour mon nom est sirifo faty etudiant a UASZ ziguinchor senegal j interesse voici mn numero 782235957 merci

  46. je suis un ingénieur en génie énergétique et technologies de l’environnement . Je suis intéressée par la bourse que vous proposez.

  47. i am interested, i have a degree in Youth Work from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa

  48. Jordao Ernesto Matsenguele

    I am here in Mozambique, so I should like to be given a chance to study in that University as well, so that I can perform my skills in science.

  49. Hi
    My name is mohamed abdirahman i staying in somalia.

    I interesting this program opportunity and i would like to continues my education level.

    I have bacholar degree of account and finance

  50. Please give me a chance

    Thanks all of you

  51. i am from Botswana so i am very much interested in your Masters Degree programmes and i already have a Bachelors degree (Hons).

  52. im student from camp refuge of tinduf. now, i student licence sience politic in algeria. and i went complish my student in europe. i speak three language, english, spanish and little of french and my language arabic..
    please help me to continuos my courses in great forms.
    i will be thanked.

  53. mohamed zakaria trabelsi

    je suis de la tunisie ,je suis un licencié en mecatronique et je veux continuer mon master en europe.

  54. I need a graduation .

  55. My name is bahjageele said I’m Ethiopian cetizin I have degree of public health and need master please contact me my email address thanks

  56. i am from Ethiopia ,i am interesting to countinue master degree in public health.i have already bachelor degree in public health.

  57. my name is Daniel Hambisa from Ethiopia. I have been graduated in 2014. Title of qualification is Bachelor Arts in Tourism Management (BA). CUMULATIVE RESULT 3.52. NOW I WANT TO UPGRADE MY STATUS TO MA. I am happy if your University will give this chance in the future. Thank you for your evaluation in advance. here’s my address. email-seeudani@gmail.com

  58. abdalla abdirasaak

    Iam in somalia I need this chance now iam degree of laboratory warker more experienced pleas help me for that scholarship

  59. Thank you for your time in the high edecetion

  60. Bernard MANE du Sénégal, je suis très intéressé par cet offrent de bourse d’étude car je n’arrive pas à trouver ce que je voulais faire; faute de moyens pour poursuivre mes études supérieurs .Je suis titulaire de Bac L’;cela est du à un manque de soutiens et issues d’une famille pauvre. Espérant une suite favorable

  61. What about P.hd programs ?

  62. Hi my name is fetum sebsibe i am from ethiopia i am interested to apply for your scolarship to learn the art of medicine at your university ,
    I already made my bachelor degree in textille engineering

    Thank you

  63. Am interested

  64. je suis Tchadienc, intéressé par cette offre de continuité . je suis titulaire d’une licence en réseaux et télécommunications. et je parle que le français

  65. I strongly need a scholarship to study masters in Medical informatics or engineering management with any of the university.I did B.E. Computer science engineering

  66. Thanks for opportunities that you give us.

  67. I’m J. Obadiah Sumo of Liberia, and i’m very much interested in your master program i’m a Bsc in Biology and Chemistry.

  68. Thank you for this chance, My name is Martinho Maquina, 32 years old, i graduated in Portuguese and English teach, i had like to depen my knoweledge: master on science edducation.

  69. Amino Hassan Mohamed

    My name Amino Hassan Mohamed i am staty in somalia. I am study Account &Finance Bachukar Degree. thanks Union Europer for given opportunity to learn in scholership, iam interested this scholership .if i get this opportunity i will be happy to my study in Europe . Please contact with me , PHone:+252615468790

  70. My name is yasmin dahir I’m interested this apportunity plz help me
    I want to bachelor degree of public health officer

  71. I’m interesting degree of public health officer
    In south Africa

  72. my name is soulayma aroud. I’m from Tunisia. I’m interested in HSE master degree. I need full scolarship.


    I am from NIGERIA, I am much Interested in master degree program. I have my B. Tech in Animal production and health. And I will be glad if I am considered

  74. Necka Salathiel Azeo

    Je suis titulair d’un master recherche en sciences sociales (Sociologie), obtenu à l’Université de Ngaoundéré au Cameroun. Je souhaite bénéficier de votre bourse d’études pour le PhD, que dois-je faire pour l’obtenir? Vous pouvez me répondre par ma boite électronique ci-dessous. Merci!

  75. Xusri khadar awdahir

    My name Xusri khadar awdahir I am from the somalia and i would like to get apportunity masters degree
    Becouse i have a bachelor degree.
    Thsnk you very much.

  76. thanks for giving this chance. am graduated from Haramaya University by Information Systems, i wana to learn my master degree in europe.

  77. i am a nigerian and also a regiatered nurse.I Will like to have a bachelor’s degree

  78. Abdulwahid hussein mohammed

    الحمد لله My name :Abdulwahid hussein mohammed i’m somalia i graduate faculty of social science special ( public administration iam so interest master of. ( public bolicy) insha allah pls contect me

    Tell: + 252615384728
    Email:abdiwahidhusseinj@gmail.com or
    Thanks u

  79. I am from Ethiopia I need PHD in Geotechnical Engineeering specifically under unsaturated soil mechanics

  80. I need your support for my education

  81. UMUVANDIMWE Emmanuel

    Hello there,my name is UMUVANDIMWE Emmanuel and i am A1 holder in civil engineering rwandan by Nationality ,could i found full scholarship in masters? If possible please i need a help and guidance.

    Best regard.


  82. I m a graduate of the University of Liberia with a BSC in General Forestry, I m very much interesting.

  83. Aide moi a étudier avec vous

  84. Carlitos Ernesto Artur Batia

    Sou licenciado em Gestão Ambiental, Planificação e Desenvolvimento Rural, trabalho no Ministério de Recursos Minerais e Energia sendo assim gostaria de continuar com mestrado em Gestão Ambiental ou geologia ou Ordenamento Territorial e Desenvolvimento Rural.

  85. Tank’s I am Somalia cite zen i need Master of reproductive health so please selected

  86. If there is scholarship ln bachelors of medicine and surgery pliz let me know

  87. Tilly Jennifer M Motsegwa

    i am a holder of Bachelor of Social Work graduate from Botswana. Wish to study Bachelor of Law.

  88. Thanks for the opportunity my name is Wilfred P.Seigan BSc in civil engineering I will be glad if you select me.

  89. Jordao Ernesto Matsenguele


  90. Mohamed osman yusuf

    I need bachelor of clinical pharmacy so help me.

  91. kyomugisha seperiano

    i’m kyomugisha seperiano from Uganda.i hold Bacher’s Degree in Information Technology and would like you consider me to further my studies.

  92. I am student in architecture,master degree
    thank you in advance

  93. Étudier par l’appui de l’union africaine, cette prestigieuse platforme panafricaine est un privilège pour nous jeunes qui souhaitons mener la lutte au nom de notre continent. Cette opportunité est comme une occasion en or pour la simple raison malgré nos ambitions d’aider l’Afrique, notre continent, il nous est parfois difficile d’acquérir des moyens nous permettant d’étudier afin de mieux connaître les attentes du moment. Pour ce faire, je vous prie de valider ma candidature. Merci d’avance d’aider la jeunesse africaine.

  94. i can study in suitzerland?

  95. Sami sadik khashkhusha

    I am interested in the Phd program I have a master’s in International relations from Ohio University .I am teaching at Tripoli university faculty of Economics and Political science.

  96. Nwankap kebatou Aurel loic

    I am a Cameroonian and I have a degree in land transport from the higher institute of transport and logisticsof the university of bamenda. I am interested in your masters program.

  97. my name is Tagese feleke,i want to study veterinary medicine in europe,please contact me by this adress,;-my phone numberis+251904282712 and the email addressis jobiro30@gmail.com,.finally i would like to say thanks to opening this chances.

    • my name is Tagese Feleke,i’m from the Ethopia,SPECIAL THANK FORuinion euriopiafor given oppertunity to learn in scholarship. im intersted to learn in scholar ship.i want to learn degree in veterinary medine,my unversity grade is above 3.7, please contact mebythis adress:-phone number +251904282712,email adress;jobiro30@gmail.com

  98. Hello ,dear the leaders of this amazing project I am super happy to be a part of the Europe common studies ,I really want to have physics study from you ,i am so interesed to your helps and your development of the world science and the world creativities
    This project has to be international foundation because the goals are super effected
    I will be super happy if you accept me in the non Europe and the Europe studies

  99. Hi l, come from Rwanda l need scholarship about bachelor degree l have finished secondary in accounting thx

  100. I hope to study in Europe for developing my ideas andknow others cultures Im medical student

  101. I’m a Zambian with a bachelor’s of business administration and would like to do an MBA there.

  102. I would like to be one of the lucky ones to get scholarship by the African Union

  103. Mohammed Hamdi Aissa

    what is this scholarship?

  104. Name : Ahmed
    Graduated : MBA (HRM)
    Interested : MPHIL

    So, Please contact me


    Kampala, Uganda

  105. je suis marocain j’ai ma licence en biologie je voudrai poursuivre mes etudes merci

  106. je suis marocaine si c’est possible continuer mes etudes j’ai ma licence en anglais

  107. iam a student need to learn in rural development but iam financialy poor so can you help to get this scholership plze

  108. I am a person with best academic performance as you may refer from the graduate levels transcript up on required.
    but still I am strongly in demanding of learning in development related studies to more support my country low income people to design in come generating projects.

    hence, I see here this line can realize my desire.
    p/c contact me and facilitate to the way I can process the application.

  109. Hi,
    I am Marwa from Tunisia,

    I am already graduated in Biotechnology with master in industrial development of pharmaceutical products.
    Is it possible to continue my Phd abroad ? ( even i am already graduated and not studying right now )

    Thank you

  110. My name is Bzayene Gebregziabher Tedla From Ethiopia I am working in Federal Charity and societies Agency as monitoring and support Director .I Graduated in Laws (LL.B) and MSW at Addis Ababa University,so if give me a chance of scholarship I want attend my Master Degree in the field LL.M


  111. My name is Bzayene Gebregziabh
    er Tedla From Ethiopia I am working in Federal Charity and societies Agency as monitoring and support Director .I Graduated in Laws (LL.B) and MSW at Addis Ababa University,so if give me a chance of scholarship I want attend my Master Degree in the field LL.M


  112. Am Kaganda Allan from Uganda a graduate with a bachelor’s of science technology biology, I need a Master program in biomedical sciences, microbiology, immunology or medical lab

  113. Ahmed Abdullahi Mohamed

    My name is Ahmed Abdullahi from the Somalia, i did bachelor degree of law and social science I’m very much interesting this scholarships and i thank For this opportunity UNION EUROPE to give us and also, I hope to be one of people who have this opportunity.

  114. Good evening
    Im really intersted ,by an international experience ,I got my MBA last year ,in ”Environnemental Economic”,and I will be thankful to read from you about details ,and how I can apply as a no EU student .
    thank you so much

  115. Iam from egypt, and i have a bachelor degree of engineering. Iwould like to have a master degree from europe

  116. Mohamed hassan haashi

    Ineed scholorship please

  117. Bahri-Sahloul Radhia

    Dear Sir i’m a Doctor in plant biotechnology I’m interested to continue my post_Doc in plant biotechnology (medicinal plants, In vitro Culture, actif biomolecule …), best regards

  118. i see a tremendious work done here by giving people like me an opportunity to aply for a scholarships,ithnk every one concerned with this.

  119. je me nomme malick Badji et je fais un doctorat de philosophie à l’université cheikh anta Diop de Dakar. J’aimerais bénéficier de la mobilité offerte par erasmus.

  120. First. My name Ahmed Omar Ali. Second want to thank all European countries that chance to give us.
    I need to studies for programme Project Management. I life In Somali Banedir Region-Mogadishu.

  121. Eu sou Guineense (Guiné-Bissau), estou muito interessada na vossa publicação e não sei por onde começar.

  122. I am interested in phd

  123. Merci j’aimerais avoir des détails sur le master

  124. bonsoir tous
    je suis un etudiant et j’aimerais bien connaitre comment je peux s’inscrire dans cette bourse et merci de me donner des ides
    merci d’avance

  125. I am intrested thank u

  126. I am shushay from Ethiopia, an Organic chemist searching PhD in chemistry and related fields

  127. I am intretsed in pursuing a Master of science in Biological sciences . u am awaiting opportunity from Europe .

  128. Sibongo Wakunuma

    Interested to pursue a masters in public health

  129. Webnjoh Silas Kary

    I’m interested in computer science

  130. Webnjoh Silas Kary

    Interested in an undergraduate scholarship computer science. I’m a Cameroonian

  131. Actuellement je suis étudiant en 2 éme Année Master Energie Renouvelables , je veut continuer mes études en Doctorat (PhD)

  132. Dear Scholarship Team,
    First of all, I am grateful to you for the opportunity of providing such help. My name is Binyam Mulugeta Kabtyimer from Ethiopia, I am glad in writing this letter with the anxiety at informing you my readiness if I get chance of this scholarship. Because, scholarship is the best way to get further specialized studies and accomplish career goals. It also helps once finance tuition fees and enable him/her to fully concentrate on his/her Education. So, I wish to benefit from the opportunity you gave for students around the globe and kindly to inform you that I have become particularly interested to attend my MSc in any courses related to my background study. Kindly help me. I have BSc degree in leather engineering. This is my contact number +251910653608.
    I will appreciate if my request is kindly granted. Thank you in advance!

    Binyam m.

  133. Oumar Adam Oumar

    إسمي عمر آدم عمر
    طالب تشادي أحمل شهادة اليسانس
    وأريد منحة دراسية ماجستير في الرياضيات

  134. salut ! sé Alain, j’ai un diplôme de licence en gestion financière, j’aimerais bien continuer ou approfondir mes études dans votre université par l’octroi de votre bourse. et en profitant vous demander comment postuler

  135. Onuchukwu Williams Smart

    Am a graduate of English (Bachelor of degree). I wil

    l be glad if your favour me with this great opportunity to study Abroad… feel free to contact me if there is any question u want to ask me. +2347032928892.

  136. J’ai un Master 2 en Didactique du FLE et ingénierie de formation. J’ai l’intention de poursuivre ma formation.

  137. I am interested in this kind scholarships i lave first degree information technology pleas the chance thank you

  138. I am from Nigeria , I already have Pgd / I am interested in your masters degree programmes.

  139. I am Richard Johnson from Liberia ,West Africa .I am.interested in your Master program and a PhD if you have one . I can be reached at rjohnson2p@yahoo.com


    Hi, am Hudson from Kenya. A graduate from The university of Nairobi. Currently a masters student at Kenyatta university in public policy and administration. Am very much interested in your masters program too.

  141. I’m interested in this masters scholarship programme

  142. kelemework Aregawi

    I have the 2nd degree in microelectronics. please help me to join the university to do my PhD in electrical electronics engineering or communication engineering

  143. Hola Buenos trades me llamo Ahmed Ali Mami de Sahara Occidental me encanto de conectado con vosotros y me Algero de Tener Tus oportunidad Tengo serteficado de lessons grado en especiality revision y auditoría estoy Esperando Tus respuestas. Mi saludo
    Mi correct ectronico ahmedmami88@gmail.com.

  144. Abdirahman Hussein

    I am from somalia and I am interesting broucher degree I already high school have certivicate Thus I will wish to get schorlarship

  145. Ouedrago Yacouba

    yacouba77819458 @gmail.com

  146. Sospeter Langiboli

    My name is Sospeter B. Langiboli from Tanzania,graduate from University of Dodoma holding Bachelor degree of Educational Management and Administration, I would be happy if I will be provided Scholarship to advance my carrier and specialization.

  147. Hello. Am from Cameroon. Interested in your scholarship programs. I have a Bachelor degree in History

  148. I have a diploma, need a bachelors degree course in the medical field.

  149. my Full Name Boru Guracha Jatani from Ethiopia if gate opportunity i want learn masters . so need scholarships education please help me.

  150. je suis intéressé, comment peut-ont lancé la candidature ?quel sont les conditions et procédure

  151. I am Saidou i’m interested in the above mentioned scholarship please. 2206644279

  152. My name is Isaac Wisner and I wishes to earn a Bachelor degree in your University.

  153. I’m intrested to study in Europ

  154. I have bachelor degree of Biomedical engineering and I am interested to study Masters degree at your university. Thank you


  156. I am Emmanuel Andina of 23 from Botswana, with a degree in BSc hons ( business management) and I interested in pursuing my masters degree in business administration (MBA) in your prestige institution. Thank you very much.

  157. i am interested. +2206644279

  158. Bonsoir, moi j’aimerais faire la science politique donc vraiment je suis extrêmement intéressé d’où je vous demande de m’octroyer ce bourse afin de bien continuer mes études dans des bonnes conditions. je me nomme Abdoulaye Ahmadou – Hamed attaher j’habite au Niger.

  159. Samuel Gatjang Deng

    am from south sudan am orphan and under graduate want to persue my education please help my nation thruoght assitede me of education please give me feedback thank

  160. I’m a zimbabwean . Have abachelors degree in development study. I’m interested in your scholarship .as this can help me to change my community and nation life style as Africa still have development challenges .this masters degree I’m sure will help me to come up with developmental ideas that will be act as a panacea to africacas development . I thank you for this opportunity.it will be my pleasure to here from you

  161. Tazanu Miriam Afuaka

    i would really love to be awarded this scholarship and the application link to apply

  162. Hello i’m from algeria and i want to come in erasmus schoolarships how can i apply please.

  163. I am a South Sudanese graduate possessing Bachelor Of Business Admin(BBA) majoring in accounts and also partially attended ACCA and due to fees problem I am unable to complete my ACCA. I am hereby seeking for scholarship.

  164. I am interested to take Phd any where if I do have option

  165. i am Habtamu Teshome from Wollega University. I need to get scholarship to attained my PHD program in Education.So, what can you help me?
    Thank you.

  166. Thank you

  167. Achaleke Emmanuel

    Wao finally am in. What an opportunity! I really appreciat this gesture. Je suits Cameroonais et j’ aimerai bien étudier en Europe. Jai LA licence en science biologie. Merci pour LA comfiance


    My name is SOLOMON a GHANAIAN citizen and I am interested in the scholarship. I completed University for Development Studies with Bsc. Family and Consumer Sciences.

  169. I’m kim nyak and I have done B.A degree in English Language and Literature. And I would love that if you accept me to study master degree in Europe and am exciting to continous my school ,I hope you offer it for me . Am from Ethiopia and thank

  170. My name is Giftee B. Peters, am a high school graduate and i wish to be chosen for this scholarship to be opportune to study abroad and forward my education to another level. Please grant me this golden opportunity to go back to school since my parent don’t have money to send me to school to complete my studies. Here is my email: petersgifteeb21@gmail.com and here are my contact +2310776401197.

  171. Hello
    Im interested to this kind of scholarship,Im grauated from university

  172. Salut je suis diplômé en biologie géologie j’aimerais de poursuivre mes etude dans votre universités et comment faire bénéfice de votre bource d’etude

  173. comment peux je participer au programme ?

  174. Je m’appelle LAOUD Dahmane, suis Ingénieur en Hydraulique en 2009, Master en 2013 option ressources en eau, je suis très intéressant.

  175. Hailu Arega Gebremedhin

    Hello dear! My name is Hailu from Ethiopia and I’m looking for the chance of getting this scholarship for masters program in Marketing or related fields! best regards!!

  176. Raed MUSTAFA Hassan


  177. abdinasir abdilahi hussein

    my name abdinasir abdilahi i have first degree of civil engineering and i lick this opportunity i need master degree pleas and pleas contact to me

  178. am ahmed from somalia am finilizing my degree of public adminstration i need this opportunuty to help mi

  179. I would love to further my studies in Design and Technology with Education

  180. je suis une etudiante tunisienne inscrite en 3 ieme annee these de doctorat je cherche une bourse pour un stage de 4 mois en Espagne

  181. great idea

  182. This is me Tedros Asmelash From Eritrea. I am Graduated in Computer Technology, so I am interested in Information Technology (IT) to up grade for bachelor degree. Therefore I would like thank you to give me opportunity to learn in Europe .


    Je enseignant des Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre ( SVT).Je suis interessé par votre bourse pour un master en science de l’éducation option SVT.
    Je vous remercie d’avance pour bienveillance.

  184. im godfrey shyaka i m from Rwanda im interested in your scholarship i m finished my advanced lever in biology and chemistry, i would like to be the member
    thank you

  185. I’m Khamassi Emna ,i’am from Tunisia, and i’am very much interessted by this program .I have a Master degree in intelligent transport .I would like to apply to go doctoralte .I’m really ready and i will be very happy if you give me a chance. I thank you in advance if you consider my resquest.

  186. Akoto Christopher

    When will the next admission begin?

  187. Mesfin Asrat Worku

    i am very if i have get tsis chance

  188. i am from ETHIOPIA ,and i am happy have interest in learning my PHD Degree in any country which haave a full-Funded university i want your help for the scholarship 2018-2019

  189. I’am a student un 8th year

  190. Mlle Housséini Malam Laminou Youhanizou

  191. Kelly muna Ngwinsan

    I am interested to study

  192. Wishing you all the best

  193. Nimco Ibrahim khalif

    I live somalia l very interested scholarship please helps me

  194. Nimco Ibrahim khalif

    My name Nimco Ibrahim khalif
    I live somalia l very interested master degree program
    Please helps me
    Contact +252634003779
    Email: nimcoqali40@gmail.com

  195. My name is Libdiri farid, from Algeria
    I teach at university and prépare my Doctorat biology.
    I affect my research about interaction betwen naturel médecines and diabét heart disease.
    I would continued my Doctorat degrés in this programme

  196. I am from the Algerian and im interested

  197. Salut, je suis un jeune médecin guinéen, désirant de poursuivre mon master en controle de maladie dans une de vos université et institut
    La réalisation de ce rêve me permettra de renforcer ma connaissance en santé publique et aider mon pays à surmonter l’après Ebola

  198. Hello i am omar yusuf from somalia i want to get this oppurtunity

  199. I am meseret molla from Ethiopia I have degree in human resource management and I want to learn business management so please give me a chance +251911913493 email me nesimolla13@gmail.com

  200. I. m not very well English can me translste in french. so I would studying online. My secondary school finished Geometre Topographie

    at Gitega Burund. so the University I will be stady Genie Civil
    construction and Ammenagement

  201. Hello !
    I am an Algerian student .I have bachlore degree in English and English literature and civilization .
    I want to carry on my studies aboard in Europe or Australia .I was a rebound public school English language teacher . I also would love to continue my studies in such trusted source like yours .

    My best regards to whoever reads this .

  202. Hello
    My name is yosief, I am glad to finally get a place where to get a scholarship. I am 29 years old who is to complete his Bachelor Degree in Linguistics from Eritrea and i will be glad to finally get a scholarship to continue my study.I would like to run a Masters Degree in Sociolinguistics and go further in my studies if possible. I have so much potentials that i would like to develop by getting the adequate environment to do so. I motivated and ready to go through any possibility to become better and be able to make efficient use my knowledge. Really hoping to learn and read from you as early possible because i am hoping the best for my self. Thanks

  203. i need master degree in physics

  204. Hi!
    I am looking for a Phd in geomatics, gps, geosciences domains in europe , france will be better!
    Thank you for reply

  205. hi I’m going to study abroad for scholarship

  206. My name is Wendimu shenkoru from Ethiopia i want to learn more with relevant knowledge so I have BA in Economics so I want Msc program with the same field .

  207. Abderahim Moukhtar

    je suis Abderahim Moukhtar licencié en sciences biomédicale je me suis intéressé par votre bourse d’étude

  208. Bonjour je suis medecin dentiste ayant fait mes etudes en ukraine de 5 annee.je voudrais faire mon stage d’ intetnat en france.merci bien de bien vouloir m’aider

  209. My name Boru Guracha From Ethiopia I have BA degree by Agriculture and also i have more than 5 years work experience . I am interest to learn Ms in Europe if I gate full fund scholarships Education opportunities please I need Help

    Contact ;+251916939288

    email; boru11425@gmail.com

  210. i want to learn in your institution .please help me

  211. Thank you for giving a chance. I am a sociology graduate (BA).and now I want to pursue my masters program with sociology or related feild.


    I am from Zanzibarian, I’ m interested in Bachelor degree Medicine (MD) programmes. i thank you in advance if you consider my request.

  213. I need to study mPH in canterburt christ church university. Already accepted waiting for a sponsor

  214. Am bahati I have adream of studying from aboard

  215. Can I apply eventhough I didn’t finish my bachelor degree,please I need an answer??

  216. Iam interested. Iam Graduated by Accounting.

  217. I want to continue my PhD in Canada
    I have a research master’s degree in biodiversity and dynamic of terrestrial ecosystems ( vegetable biology).

  218. Je suis intéressé pour continuer mes études universitaires Email : gafaruayinde92@gmail.com

  219. I’m from Algeria ,and I am very much interested in your Masters degree programmes as I already have Bachelors degree in german language

  220. Hello,
    I am jalali sabrine from Tunisia. I study English and I first got my licence in 2010 and then I got my master diploma in cross cultural poetics in 2015. I would like to pursue my Phd studies in a scholarship.
    Thanks in advance.

  221. ny name is ali mohamed arif i am somali i need master degree of pediatric is my first choice secend is obs and gyncology i have bachelor degree in clinical medicine at plasma university somalia contact me +252615978615 ama calicariif44@gmail.com thanks

  222. My name is mohamed abdullahi
    I pleased to commicate with you , so i have secondery certificate degree , i am very interesting to study abroad .
    Please consider my request.

  223. i am from Ethiopia, and i am very much interested in your masters degreee programme, as i have doctret degreee by veterinary medicine i

  224. Im an industrial engineer.l’m really intersted

  225. my name mohamed abdi i contecting from somalia i need scholarship i have bachelor degree i want master dagree pleas contact me asoon as posible thanks

  226. Bethelihem Seyoum

    I have BA degree in Sociology and I would like to study MA in social work. Thank u

  227. Mohamed sabry eltwabty


  228. moforza Emmanuel cho

    I am moforza Emmanuel, I have a Bachelor degree in civil engineering and I wish to do a Master’s in building and structural engineering in your institution, I will be very grateful if you grant a scholarship to study they.

  229. Je suis KONE Valy, j’ai un diplôme d’ingénieur en agroéconomie et un master en gestion durable des terres. Je veux faire un doctorat dans l’un de ces deux option.

  230. Je m appelle babacar diop etudiant en master 1 physique et chimie mon émail Babacardiopdiopdiop412@gmail.com mon contact 221772453866

  231. I am a Liberian from Monrovia study at the African Methodist Episcopal Zion university.
    Will love to further my education through your program.

  232. my name is alzubair from libya . i have a B.sc . in genetic engineering 2011-2012 . i have tried many times to obtain a scholarship but without any benefit . in addition my online resources are limited . i would like to receive a scholarship to study political science department international relations. thank you for all.

  233. i am a abchelor of law and have a diploma of lawyer plus IT diploma and french and english languages diplomas as well, how the candidats are beeing celected?

  234. Furnish me

  235. i am from Nigeria and also very interested

  236. Je suis vraiment intéressé de cet nouvelles.

  237. Hi
    My name is suheib abdirahman ineed pacholar degree and idont have any money to study it pz help me ilive in somalai


    Hello i’m from Congo Brazzaville i graduated in accounting and management
    I would like to profit for this opportunity to ask the possibility to purse my studies in Europe grace of your scholarship
    faithfully yours

  239. Salut je suis au Mali, je suis diplômée en droit master 1 j’aimerais bien continuer mes études pour améliorer mes compétences merci

  240. Ahmed Omar Mohamed

    I am interested this scholarships
    Please help me
    My phone number

  241. Eyerusalem Endrias

    i am Eerusalem i finish first degree by public health and now i studying human nutrition in masters program in Ethiopia and i want to continue in this field if i get scholarship

  242. I am interesting

  243. Je suis ivoirien. J’ai un diplôme d’ingénieur en agro-économie et un master en gestion durable des terres. Je voudrais faire un Phd qui pourrais aller avec mon profile.

  244. Je suis intéressé je vis au Bénin je suis Francis FANGNON j’ai mon BAC série B

  245. Je suis intéressé j’aimerais avoir une bourse d’étude afin d’approfondir ma compétence intellectuelle et professionnelle je suis au Bénin et je suis titulaire du baccalauréat.veuillez agréer l’expression de mes sentiments les plus distinguées et je suis sur +22966216476

  246. am from Zambia ,double orphan I would love to study in Europe .I have completed secondary education with good marks but I need an aid to fulfil my ambition…….please consider me

  247. my name is Ashebir chala . i was graduted bachelor degree by geology ,please give us this great opportunity.

  248. Iam study in matric class

  249. I student in biology

  250. Im from Algeria i went to stady in europ

  251. Asc after creating this is great opportunity we would like to thank you all of you who contribute this helpful assistance and I would like to mention here I have great need this programme more information contact me phone number +252616484852

  252. Hello Am from Somalia I hope to win this opportunity

  253. Thank you

  254. Bonjour,
    Je m’appelle soule Mohamed, je suis comorien , j’ai eu ma licence ici aux Comores en science de la terre et de l’environnement session 2016

  255. My nane abdiqaadir hasan mohamed
    i am soomali
    Iam very interest iin your bachular degtee

  256. I’m engineer program computer since

  257. Soy hondureño , sin trabajo y graduado , espero , una oportunidad .

  258. I’m Rose Ati from Ghana and I hold bachelor in education. I wish to study my masters program with you if u give me the opportunity. Thank you

  259. im salama kwamire from DRC i want to study but money cause problem

  260. im from DRC my name is salama i want to study

  261. I am Ayelign from Ethiopia, i have graduated from Addis Ababa university in Masters of health science education, and medical laboratory technology in Bsc degree too. it would be very great if you offfer me a PHD program in medical education.

  262. أنا من موريتانيا أريد الحصول أو المشاركة في هذه الفرصة من أجل الحصول على المنحة بريد لإلكتروني هو Hamoumed49@Gmail.com

  263. I am Rwandan I wish to study in Europe and I hope I will be selected

  264. Hi Hi Dear my brothres and Sisters I strongly want to to apply this scholar shipe

  265. Gadisa Wando Shaka

    Dear sir I am Gadisa Wando.I have Masrter of Art In Educational Measurement (Psychology).I have the experience of 11 years doing at different level.My 1st degree was from Bahirdar University with Pedagogical Science.I have an interest to learn in one of your University in your country if you fully fundded.

  266. Gadisa Wando Shaka

    Dear Sir I am Gadisa Wando Shaka from Ethiopia of East Africa.I have Master of Art in Educational Measurement(Psychology).I have the experience of 11 years in doing at different position.My 1st degree was from Bahirdar University with pedagogical science.I have an interest to learn in one of your university in your in PHD program country if you fully founded.

  267. I am from south Sudan, i have Bsc honuor in Electrial Engineering,Diploma in Computer engineering (interface) and would wish to study master in power system protection if i get chance .

  268. I’m in Burundi. i have BACC 2 in ( Administration Et Gestion Des Affaires). How can i get this opportunity of stadying in canada?

  269. my name is Regasa Aduna from Ethiopia, i have Ba of Accounting and public Finance i am interested to study masters pleas contact me by the next address.

  270. My name is hamdi Ali isse I live in Somali iam verry interest scholarship I want bachelor of public health

  271. I’m Awes Alzremli I’m from LibyaI wish to get this scholarship to prove my self

  272. Sl je un petit paysans je veux travailler là-bas mon numéro de téléphone 782530972 samba

  273. salut!

    je m’appelle TEZIM -Aubin ,etudiant au departement de genie minier et geologique à l’universite de Bangui en Republique Centrafricaine .

    je viens tres respectueusement aupres de votre haute consideration ,sollicitè cette Bourse gratuit de L’union Europeen Erasmus .

    En esperant obtenir une reponse favorable de votre part ,je vous pire d’agrèer à mes salutatinos distinguèes

  274. salut!

    je m’appelle TEZIM -Aubin ,etudiant au departement de genie minier et geologique à l’universite de Bangui en Republique Centrafricaine .

    je viens tres respectueusement aupres de votre haute consideration ,sollicitè cette Bourse gratuit de L’union Europeen Erasmus .

    En esperant obtenir une reponse favorable de votre part ,je vous prie d’agrèer à mes salutations distinguèes

  275. Zenagui Mhamed
    ارغب في الهجرة الى اوربا

  276. Hello, my name is Jac-Elda Nyandoe Davis, am a Liberian and a university student studying mass communication and education as well in bachelor degree and wishing to have the opportunity to such program that will enable me in meeting the larger society and the world at large. Am a single child from a single parent who has been trying in his weak ways to impact knowledge onto me. And we are from a family of two which is my father and myself. ******Mother**** deceased

  277. EL-MEGUENNI mohamed el-amine

    I am a 2nd year university student in Bioloogy
    I live in Algerie
    I am interested to study in your university and I amm pround if you accept me .


  278. Hello,

    I am from Tunisia,
    I have a diploma in pharmaceutical biotechnology and got a professional master in industrial development of pharmaceutical products in 14 february 2018. I am looking for a professional doctorate .
    Could you please give a response for my request.


  279. sileshi degwale

    i am interesing to gate this chance

  280. sileshi degwale

    i am interested to gate this chance

  281. Degri Degri ange romain

    Bonjour je suis Degri Degri ange romain,étudiant en licence2 en science juridique administrative et de gestion a l’Université Alasane outara de Bouaké en côte d’Ivoire, i speek vert well english and i’m interresed to study in Europe.

  282. اود متابعة دراستي في قطاع الاعلام ، او الترجمة فيه ،الاعلام بانواعه مسموعا ومكتوبا ومرئيا ، علما ان لي خبرة طويلة في الصحافة المكتوبة ، وشكرا

  283. I am Terence Tandale from Papua New Guinea.
    I have Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computing. I want to do Master’s degree.

    Could I be assisted here to secure my full scholarship.

    Thank you.

    Terence Tandale.

  284. Serunkuuma James Lutalo , i have a degree in social work and social administration Bugema university. I am a ugandan and i would like to apply for scholarship for a master degree in counsilling

    i would like to apply for a master degree in counsiling , i have a degree in social work and social administration from Bugema University Uganda. I would like to get a scholarship from you

  285. I am very interested to apply for your country scholarships. My name is Galgalo Arero. I am a native, Boran Pastoralist guy. I was graduated from Addis Ababa University with bachelor degree in Veterinary Medicine. My affiliation to pastoralist and perspective to them as they are a viable firm led me to study Veterinary Medicine. If I get a chance, I need to upgrade my profession. Please would you contact me through galgaloareroh@yahoo.com?

  286. Paxific kamugira

    Much more intrestested in this scholarship.

    I will very pleased with it

    thank you in advance..

  287. EL-MEGUENNI mohamed el-amine

    I’m a student of second year in biology
    My name is : El-Meguenni Mohamed El-amine
    I live in Algeria
    I hope you accept me and I’m pround if I get your scholaship to study

  288. I am interesting if I get chance to learn PhD program on the area of Business field. Thank you inadvance for your cooperation’s.

  289. iam interesting degree ENGINEERING ELECTRIC AND COMPUTERING

  290. NYONKURU JeanPaul

    can I get chance I’m Rwandan but I want to be man with knowledge please can you help me

  291. Bonsoir.Moi j,aimerais continuer mes etudes en droit.

  292. Je suis burkinabè, agent de bank en service;je souhaiterai postulé Pr une formation Pr Lleyton master en finances bank comptabilité ou en finances et audit comptable ;je suis titulaire d’un diplôme de license en finance et audit comptable. Cordialement.

  293. Je suis Armel sahi originaire de la côte d’Ivoire , je veux savoir comment bénéficier de la bourse

  294. i am degree holder in Bsc (Electrical and Electronics Technology) with 3.66 GPA, So i would like to get scholarship opportunity from your country organization to have MS. in power related field of study.thank you in advance for your selection.
    =my phone 251913315176 and my email address berihuhailu4@gmail.com.
    =from “Ethiopia”

  295. Stanley Peabody Karmenjay

    Hello I am Stanley Peabody Karmenjay and I have interest in the scholarship. I’m a Liberian and a registered nurse (R.N ) I wish to advance my studies in order to render my services in the Health sector of Liberia, Africa and the world at large. I will be grateful if this opportunity does not pass me by. Thank so much and I’m kindly waiting for your response.

  296. My name Rabuma Daba , l am applying from Ethiopian ,l have BA degree in Leadership & Management , So If I have got the chanc of MBA to upgrade my qualification thank your support from my heart,

  297. Hello to all scholarship donors, I’m still student in licence and i would lilr to continue my studies in master’s program in geology.I am Pascal ASSANI from RDCongo

  298. Bonjour
    je m’apppel Awaleh Ali , je suis tres interesse de cette brouse graduite de l’union europeen Erasmus.
    en esperent obtemir une reponse favorable de votre part ,je vous pire .

  299. Je suis intéressé pour faire un doctorat en écologie forestière.

    Merci d’avance. aubinkonta@gmail.com

  300. hi, my name is haddy janneh am a gambian, i already obtained my bsc in accountancy. i want to pursue my masters in any of the course related.

  301. I have BAY degree in medical laboratory and I would like to study MSC in related filed.
    Thank you.

  302. Hi, thanks for this opportunity, but I am just seeing this post. I am late to apply for the 2018 school application. However, I am B. AL- Dennis, Of the Liberia Revenue Authority. I have my first Degree in Accounting and Management. I will like a Master Degree in Taxation and Natural Resource Management. Any Master linking with the subject matter. Presently, I served as Supervisor for Mining and Petroleum Taxation in The Natural Resources Taxation Section in the Domestic Tax Department of the Liberia Revenue Authority. Please help me help my Country against the few multinationals that are taxpayers in our Mining, Petroleum, Agriculture and Forestry sectors. Please, for Liberia to get her just share of the resources extracted, we must have trained tax practitioners with the best technical, conceptual and analytical skills for full application.


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