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Needed Volunteers at International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) – New Recruitment

Job Title: Cash Programme Delegate

Vacancy No:IFRC01597
 07 Months
Category of Staff:
 To be determined

Job Purpose:

Reporting to the FACT Team Leader/OPS Manager, the Cash Program Delegate will:

  • Provide technical oversight and guidance for the cash programme planned for the operation, in close coordination with the responsible for the relevant sectors using CTP to meet their outputs (FSL, WASH, shelter, etc.),
  • Assess potential cash assistance programmes, modalities and delivery mechanism in coordination with the ICRC and the country cash coordination working group
  • Provide direct implementation support through the standards and tools of the the Red Cross Movement Toolkit.
  • Manage the IFRC cash assistance programme, implemented in partnership with the ICRC into the operational areas, ensuring harmonisation of approaches and CTP amounts across the Movement and when relevant with other humanitarian actors implementing cash based responses
  • Ensure that the cash programme activities are implemented, reported and monitored within the established budget and timeframes and that Federation policies, procedures and directions are followed.
  • Explore, identify, design, implement, monitor and report other livelihood activities as possible alternatives to the Cash transfer program
  • Complement existing Nigeria RC National Society’s capacities to design and lead the relief cash component of the operation, promoting their participation in existing cash coordination mechanisms.
  • Provide extensive input and technical support to programme design and planning and coordinate effectively with other technical sectorsSupport CTP training and capacity building initiatives for the NS.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Cash Programme Delegate Will:

  • Review the assessment data, including markets, design the implementation plans for the cash components, establish standard operating procedures for distribution of cash, determine beneficiary criteria and selection processes in close collaboration with the Head of Nigeria operations, ICRC as Movement partner involved into this operation and the with regional DM unit
  • Create and support the implementation of appropriate CTP program monitoring and d market monitoring, in close collaboration with the Nigeria Red Cross National Society PMER department, the Abuja Country Cluster Support Team’s PMER/RM/Partners relationships delegate.


  • Ensure the Nigeria RC NS’s involvement in all aspects of the assessment process, including markets, through the inclusion (and training) of counterparts to all team members and regular feedback to the National Society’s Leadership.
  • Ensure that the existing Nigeria RC’s CTP capacities and experience in relief and recovery are utilised and strengthened and that lessons learned and recommendations from previous cash and markets assessments and responses are applied
  • Ensure frequent and comprehensive sharing of information and findings between sectoral specialists.
  • Develop a detailed understanding of the context of the disaster and its immediate impact, with a specific emphasis on gaps in knowledge and understanding with relation to markets and relief and recovery cash.
  • Conduct and review secondary data and liaise with ICRC and other humanitarian and government organizations and working groups for markets and relief/early recovery cash data which will include; market recovery, price and supply of key commodities and services, capacity of cash delivery mechanisms (including remittance companies) Sources of information include but are not limited to cash working groups and National and State level, FEWSNET, WFP, CILLS FAO, Government monitoring systems, etc.
  • When needed, conduct primary data collection to address information gaps, using participatory techniques for market recovery, price and supply of key commodities and services, capacity of deliver companies as necessary (using the RC/RC MAG and RAM tools). The primary and secondary data will be used to inform the NRCS/IFRC/ICRC response.
  • Ensure documentation of technical and assessment findings in relation to markets and relief/early recovery cash, with an emphasis on swift dissemination of robust findings. Ensure the recommendations are adequately documented and include scenarios and how the response should adapt if the situation changes.

Programme Design and Implementation:

  • Work with the IFRC Head of Nigeria Operations and the NRCS counterparts to clarify role of the Cash Transfer Programming Delegate in relation to the existing DM staff, IFRC project staff, and PNS’ representatives.
  • Lead on completing the IFRC risk assessment and feasibility checklist as per the CTP toolkit for both the assessment itself and the resulting programmes designed.
  • Remain up to date and engage closely with personnel responsible for other sectors . To keep up to day of the key findings and evolving situation
  • Document and justify different programming response options and rationale of the decisions made in relation to markets and relief/early recovery cash based programming based on existing needs assessment data.
  • Lead provision of technical support and input to the PoA relating to the cash component
  • Develop and roll out the monitoring plan for the cash programming component and include market and price monitoring.
  • Set up the systems (database, encashment procedures, reconciliation procedures and formats etc.) for the cash transfer programme. Lead on initial programme implementation, including clarifying roles and responsibilities relating to the cash component (see draft IFRC CBP SoPs V5), confirming the grant value and targeting criteria and support the drafting of contracts and Agreements with Financial Services Providers (FSPs) in close collaboration with IFRC support services.
  • This should be done in close collaboration with the NRC and the ICRC ECOSEC team as they are implementing cash responses already in those states and there might be opportunities to tapping into existing contracts or agreements with FSPs.

Identify Evolving Human Resource Needs:

  • Identify and advise on needs to strengthen or supplement the capacity and knowledge of the CTP project staff.
  • Support the NRCS to train and deploy existing national staff to the three states.
  • Support the IFRC and NRCS recruitment and selection process of deploy national and staff to design and implement the cash programming component.

Provide and Plan for Cash Coordination:

  • Coordinate and facilitate any PNS initiatives related to markets and relief/early recovery cash responses (bilateral). Mapping out out current and planned IFRC, ICRC and PNS funding and support for market and cash based programming activities.
  • Coordinate and have regular meetings, with ICRC and other Movement partners, to harmonise approaches and exchange learnings and recommendations.
  • Promote PNS participation in IFRC led assessments and planning.
  • Coordinate with other humanitarian agencies planning or implementing CTP in the area, engage in data and information sharing (assessments, monitoring, markets data, etc.) and plans for relief/early recovery cash programme plans.
  • Participate in cash coordination meetings at National and state level and in other relevant coordination group meetings along with the NRCS counterpart.
  • In close collaboration with the the IFRC Head of Nigeria Operation, the ICRC and NRCS counterparts, keep all partners (including CaLP and institutional donors) abreast of CTP developments, challenges, and programme plans.

Capacity Building:

  • Facilitate training and awareness raising for NS governance, management staff and volunteers on relief/early recovery cash, (adapting existing IFRC materials).
  • Facilitate, support and document NRCS CTP capacity building initiatives and exchanges; including training, peer to peer support, “learning by doing experiences” Education


  • Relevant university education or an equivalent of qualifying experience, with a good DM background – Required
  • Basic Delegates Training Course, WORC, IMPACT or equivalent knowledge – Required
  • Degree in technical sector of activity – Preferred


  • At least 5 years of experience in developing and managing cash transfer programmes (CTP) including personnel and budget management. analysing, planning and managing programmes, finances and resource mobilisation – Required
  • Experience working with high profile leaders and demonstrating capacity to engage effectively at high level events with government, society, UN and other humanitarian organizations donors, private sector, etc – Required
  • Experience in implementing vulnerability targeting systems – Required
  • Experience in establishing and implementing CTP monitoring systems to track progress of implementation and financial management compliance – Required
  • Experience in designing approaches to beneficiary management and communication that enhance accountability to beneficiaries – Required
  • Experience in recruiting and managing local staff and volunteers – Required
  • Experience in reporting and proposal writing – Required
  • Experience in Donor/partners relationship management – Required
  • Experience and knowledge in OD, PMER, Cash Transfer – Required
  • Experience working for a humanitarian aid organization in a developing country – Required
  • Experience of working for Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement – Preferred

Knowledge, Skills and Languages:

  • Self-supporting in computers – Required
  • Group process management/facilitation skills – Required
  • Ability to work under stressful conditions, meet deadlines and travel extensively to support field operations or training – Required
  • Good Analytical thinking skills – Required
  • Good communication, developing training, facilitation and presentation skills – Required
  • Good Knowledge of the region and capacity to practice political and cultural sensitivity – Required
  • Ability to work effectively in a multi-cultural environment – Required
  • Fluent in written and spoken English – Required

Competencies and Values:

  • National Society relations
  • Strategic orientation – Communication – Teamwork
  • Professionalism – Integrity – Diversity
  • Judgement-Decision-making
  • Results focus and accountability
  • Managing performance

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