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Nysc, Pre-Service and Industrial Training Internship at ipNX


The ipNX internship program offers students in tertiary institutions in Nigeria the opportunity to gain work experience and providing students the opportunity to work directly with inspiring and experienced professionals. The insights and skills gained by the end of the programme would be invaluable for future careers to the following category of applicants:

  • Students undergoing the mandatory SIWES (Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme) program (INDUSTRIAL TRAINEE).
  • Graduates who have completed their Higher National Diploma programs for Polytechnics, colleges of education & Bachelor Degree for university institutions .and are awaiting NYSC deployment (PRE-SERVICE).
  • Corp members currently undergoing their National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

 Finance, Network Infrastructure unit, Network Services Division, Information Systems & Technology
 All Branches


Function: As applicable to requesting unit

Job Grade: Temporary

Location: All ipNX Branches

Travel Frequency: Occasional

Date Published: 18/04/2017

Purpose of the Job (Brief)

  • To learn new skills and add to their knowledge base while gaining confidence in their abilities.
  • To offer the opportunity to work with someone who can become a mentor for you – not only in the internship but throughout their career.
  • To learn about a career field from the inside and decide if this is the right career field for them.
  • To offer the opportunity to practice communication and teamwork skills.
  • To gain industry knowledge first hand from the organization and professionals.
  • To gain valuable experience and accomplishments to add to their resume.
  • To provide evidence that they have initiative, are reliable, and have a sense of responsibility.
  • To apply some of the ideas learned in school and provide a bridge between school and the professional world.

Deliverables (Maximum 5-6 key responsibilities)

This section requires the top five accountabilities that role is to deliver own. Written in outcome language, this is not a listing of tasks but a grouping of tasks to determine outcomes required from the tasks.

Expected Key Results (Detailed KPIs)


  • Key Activities
    • Expresses ideas and thoughts verbally and in written form.
    • Exhibits good listening and comprehension.
    • Keeps others adequately informed


  • Key Activities
    • Responds to requests for service and assistance.
    • Follows instructions, responds to management direction.
    • Meets attendance and punctuality guidelines


  • Key Activities
    •  Volunteers readily
    • Seeks increased responsibilities
    • Undertakes self-development activities

Job Knowledge

  • Key Activities
    • Exhibits ability to learn and apply new skills.
    • Keeps abreast of current developments.
    • Displays understanding of how job relates to others.
    • Uses resources effectively

Use of Technology

  • Key Activities
    • Uses technology to increase productivity.
    • Demonstrates required skills
    • Keeps technical skills up to date.

Overall Job Performance

  • Key Activities
    • Prioritizes and plans work activities.
    • Uses time efficiently and works in an organized manner.
    • Gathers and analyzes information skillfully.
    • Displays commitment to excellence.
    • Applies feedback to improve performance.
    • Completes work in a timely manner

Demonstrate (Key competencies)

This section requires an overview of the education, experience, and skills required to do the job at a satisfactory level. It is not a list of the jobholder’s qualification.

Educational Qualifications & Functional Skills:

  • CGPA ( 2.50 minimum)/BSC(2.2 minimum)/ HND(Upper Credit minimum).
  • WAEC (Minimum 6 B’s & C’s)

Work Experience:

  • Little or no work experience

Other Requirements:

  • Customer Focus
  • Tech savvy
  • Action orientation
  • Drive results
  • Cultivate Innovation
  • Ability to optimize work processes
  • Resilience

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Deadline: Application Ongoing

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