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Vacancy: Become A UN Paid Volunteer

UN Paid Volunteers are between 18 and 55 years old, and work with UN agencies on the front lines of political, developmental and humanitarian operations.

Who are UN Volunteers?
UN Volunteers are a separate category of UN Volunteers recently created in response to the United Nations Secretary-General’s call for greater engagement in volunteerism of history’s largest generation of people. UN Volunteers help the United Nations – one of the world’s most important intergovernmental organizations – to fulfill its mission. These volunteers are assigned to host United Nations agencies to work on the front-lines of political, developmental and humanitarian field operations. UN Volunteers are people aged 18 to 55 years who want to engage in development and peace initiatives worldwide.

What do UN Volunteers do?
As a UN Volunteer, you will help advance peace and sustainable development either in your own country or in another country around the globe. You will help people to lead healthier and safer lives and communities to be able to better address present and future challenges.

UN Volunteer positions are wide ranging; you may work in human rights, climate change adaptation, primary health care, disaster management, peace building, youth engagement or many other areas. You may work directly in a United Nations agency or be assigned to one of its partner organizations, a university or the government.

In return, you will be rewarded with an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Your engagement as a UN Volunteer will be an opportunity to change the world for the better while simultaneously honing your own skills, gaining knowledge and a better understanding of the realities of international development and peace building.

How long is the assignment?
Because UN Volunteers are sponsored by United Nations agencies, their partners, governments or academic institutions, the length of assignment depends on the requesting entity’s needs. Most UN Volunteer assignments are between six and 24 months. On occasion, national and international UN Youth Volunteer assignments are less than six months and then are referred to as ‘short-term’ assignments.

When UN Volunteers are sponsored by an academic institution, they are called UN University Volunteers. UN University Volunteers undertake shorter duration assignments – generally between three and six months.

UN Volunteers receive a basic living allowance that allows the volunteer to live healthily and safely in the assigned area. If you volunteer outside of your home area, return airfare or land transport (as applicable) and some other basic costs are paid by the host agency. You will receive orientation and training before and after your assignment.

Who qualifies as a UN Volunteer?
The UN Volunteer programme is looking for motivated and talented youth between the ages of 18 and 55. (Note: you must be younger than 55 throughout the duration of your service). The educational background and experience required varies by assignment, but generally both graduates and non-graduates are eligible to apply.

How To Apply:

  • All UN Volunteer assignments to volunteer abroad application is only online.
  • Use the Application link provided on this website to start your application free of charge.
  • Start your application online here.

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  1. I am a student of BASW ie Bachelors in Arts and Social Work in 3rd year and my college is affiliated to Tribhuwan University . I would like to know how I can apply for volunteering.

    • I am othman I wont to be volunteer with

    • Hello ,
      This is me supriya gupta. I m currently doing BALLB , I.e bachelor in arts and bachelor in law from Nepal law campus. It is affiliated with one of the best university of nepal I. E Tribhuwan University. I m really very much interested in UN volunteer. I m 19 year old. I would really like to work with all enthusiasm!

    • My names are Fleming rwela a Tanzanian I can’t get the link for volunteers job application

    • Hi
      my name is tamanna
      im from afghanistan and in afghanisan
      im recently graduated from one of governmental medical school
      and busy with my housejob
      i would like to apply for UN volunteer program
      and for that i need a guide if anyone can help me
      best regards

  2. I am a student of 2nd year studying BSW in Kadambari Memorial College and I would like to understand the terms for applying in the above posts so that I cantouched offer myself as well.

  3. I am a regular student of +2 I just finished my + 2 and I am 20 years old. I want to apply for vacancy post but I can’t find application page to apply. I want to try my best to volunteer.

  4. I am a bsaw student in Oxbridge international college.
    I’ve been working in Siddhartha ladies jaycess, JCI for 3 years and 1 years in voice of fetus , so I also want to work with this organization.
    Waiting for positive reply.

  5. Abigail Oparebea Yeboah

    I’m Abigail Oparebea Yeboah, I graduate with BBA in Accounting. Please I want to know how I can apply for the volunteering job. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

  6. I can’t find online application form link

  7. M eagerly waiting it volunter programs .

  8. May Qualification is M.Sc Zoology. I wanna become paid volunteer for primary health project or for education project. How I can join

  9. Syed Nigah Wali Shah

    I have complete my BS Sociology, from University of Peshawar. I want to become paid volunteer for peace building or human rights project.

  10. I am interest for this vacancy .I am 24 years old and I am running bachelor .

  11. Sultan Ali Hashmi

    I am a professional banker worked in both Multinational and local banks. Wants to be paid UN volunteer to help people, how economics plays vital roles in their lives.

  12. I am a computer Engr. complete Bsc. I want to be a UN V. please checkediit

  13. Rabindra shrestha

    I have only qualification of school leaving education and I could not completed my secondary education.so,I just want to know that can I apply for paid un volunteer because I really wanted to serve humanity in any adverse condition .Your organization will be great platform so thank you very much for this post

  14. I am from myanmar and motivated by your vacancy announcement, I have experiences in INGO here in Myanmar with the organization called ADRA Myanmar for 6 month from 2015 sept to 2016 February and now I am working in UN-Habitat , Japan-chin project for 2016 august to 2017 October. I want to fill up the form. I am available now

  15. I want study visa because i am poor student

  16. Interesed on volunteering for UN.

  17. I have currently completed my bachelors of civil engineering from pokhara university. I wish i could apply for UN volunteering. Let me know if i can apply.

  18. I am a student of engineering,faculty civil. I would like to be a part of it and work as a UN volunteer. But ho can i be a part of it?

  19. First hello my names osman abdi ishaq and i wana to be worker of aun paid voluntary

  20. I interested this job

  21. In the following requirement, they need candidates who age 25 older up. But in this site, you said from 18 to 50. So what about this point? I am 21 years old. I have 4 experiences working under one organization, so I really wan to apply.

  22. Thierno Ila Diallo

    You are very good

  23. I am from Bangladesh.My subject is bachelor of social science in last year.Please I want to know how I can apply for the volunteering job?

  24. NGUIANAING KOUAM Miniche Farelle

    i am psychologist, and financial and administrative manager of project, i have 25year old, i am camerounian . i ammotivated and very interestedby this announcement , i have experiences in volontrria because ihave worked asvolonteer and many association in Yaoundé in the organisation called Youth in Action forSustanaible developpement or Jeune en Action pour le Développment Durable (JADD) for 2years, and Trauma Centre Cameroun for six month human assistant for refugees, association AID Local: 2017 January- september for environment project. I want to fill the form . i am availiable now.

    • NGUIANAING KOUAM Miniche Farelle

      i am psychologist, and financial and administrative manager of project, i have 25 years old, i am camerounian . i am motivated and very interested by this announcement , i have experiences in volonteer because i have worked as volonteer and many association in Yaoundé in the organization called Youth in Action for Sustanaible developpement or for 2years, and Trauma Center Cameroun for six month human assistant for refugees, association AID Local: 2017 January- september for environment project. I want to fill the form . i am available now.

  25. Latileta Ligairi

    I am interested.

  26. Iam a student of B.Sw. 2nd year.Iwant join in Volunteer of UN, How can apply?

  27. Interested on volunteering for UN and im 25 yrs old.
    Completed my studies in Bsc Fisheries and Applied sciences.

  28. Sakif Al Ehsan Khan

    I am from Bangladesh. I am an undergrad student. I believe myself as an optimistic one and always try to bring out changes. And thus I want to work as UN volunteer.

  29. Hello, I’m a skilled technician in erection of pressed steel tanks, both elevated and ground level. I’m looking forward to hear from you soon.
    I’m also qualified in plumbing and water distribution. I’ve worked for you under contracted companies to erect water tanks in Dadaa and Kakuma.

  30. I am a lawyer(public prosecutor) and I am from Ethiopia I want to do with in especially on the area of human right as the whole,women and children’s right protection and on elimination of illegal human trafiking.I am graduated from jimmaa university on July 2014.

  31. I interested for volunteer n help people around globe ☺

  32. I Pema Wangchen from Bhutan also deeply interested to work as UN volunteer in any field. I had a degree certificate in BA economics and sociology, certificate in post graduate diploma in guidance and counseling and currently serving as school guidance counselor

  33. Hello there! I’m from Nepal and about to complete Master in Environmental Science( 3rd sem) . I feel so interested to read this information as it is related to my field of interest and study as well. Thank you

  34. I Am a undergraduate I would like to apply for the UN volunteering

  35. I am intersted for this volunttering I’m 29 years old .Completed my studies in BSC Mechanical Engnnering Thank you..

  36. I Am interrested

  37. I am really very very intrested & it will be my honour to get a chance to work in UN

  38. Sunil darji gautam

    I just passed +2 and I’m seeking for a volunteer job. I have been engaged in social services too though I am jobless till now so I would like to work under un.

  39. dilip kumar shahi

    i passed to the BA.i have some experienced about the SDG.i also visit to the india and german about the SDG youth program.i also working in the comunity FM radio in the remote area,kalikot district as a station manager.i also able to the work in the community ,youth and child area.

  40. mohammed el amine SLIMANI

    I am really interested on volunteering for UN. I am 46 years old. What can be the procedure. I enclose my CV via email .

  41. Nazir Ahmad Sarwary

    My name is Nazir Ahmad Sarwary from afghanistan , I am graduated from Civil Engineering and have experience in construction and admin/logistic fields, I can speak 5 languages , I am interested to work for UNV .
    Please let me know if any suitable job is available .


  42. hi am Luxman from Sri Lanka.
    member of youth parliament Srilanka and Divisional coordinator of United nations friendship organization.am motivated and interest by this announcement. so I really want to apply for this un volunteer.
    I want to know how to apply

  43. Hi, my name is Fonsy and I am from Papua New Guinea and I am really interested to become a UN Paid Volunteer Worker. I would love to work as a Driver if there are any Driver Vacancies.
    How can I apply?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks 😊

  44. im Bijay Pantha from Bhutan I’m really interested work under UN please teal me proggiers register

  45. uchenna benson is my name and from Nigeria, i studied cooperative economics and management (HND) please can i apply as UN Volunteer. i need such job relatively with the ICA

  46. If you ll give me a chance i ll try to do my best……..

  47. Hi, I am really interested in becoming a UN volunteer. If there are any vacancies for Driver please I would love to help.
    I am a Technician and Driver too so am always available if you need me.


  48. Dinusha dilrukshi

    Hi, im Dinusha, i have done early childhood diploma , i want to apply as volunteer. But i cant find online application.

  49. Am George 25yr old from uganda,i pursued a diploma in fisheries management and technologies ready to be an un paid UN volunteer provided am given that chance am capable of working

  50. I require to be a volunteer in food and agriculture(FAO) in order to improve fiid security for the good of all people in the world. Of all foods fish is the best

  51. i am working as volunter in human.rights commision of pakistan since.last 20 years . i am a social worker an intrested in un volunteer program plz consider me

  52. I have degree of helth science and 7 yrs of experience

  53. I am junior student at the African Methodist Episcopal University in Monrovia, Liberia reading Mass Communication and interested in becoming a UN volunteer.

  54. Bonjour! Je m’appelle Yonguinam Olivier. Je suis titulaire d’un diplome en Master en droit communautaire. J’aimerai bien faire partie des volontaires des UN.

    17 octobre 2017

  55. i want to work with the United nations

  56. I am from iraq i want to work with you

  57. I am paramedic pcl general medicine (H.A) with 3.5 yrs clinical exposure at government and private health institutions and currently doing BPT under RGUHS karnataka india..
    If any criteria fits to me plz let me know.

  58. How do i get to apply as a UN volunteer

  59. Hi I’m interested in the opportunities offered. What are the requirements in applying

  60. I am so glad that this is a great opportunity to becoming the volunteers of UN.As far as my opinions concerned that this could be a huge platform for exposing , expressing and exploring to very sensitive stuffs. for me this could be the best as i have been working and coordinating YIC (youth information centre ) in Kailali district .And we have been resonating its core values in different parts of far western sides and its been doing quite magnificently. I am currently running my bachelor degree. Hope that it seems a greater chance for me

  61. I am interested for this.because i always like to help people and want to do something for the world people.i am mushfiq amd graduated from independent university bangladesh.thank yo

  62. Hi. I am Hanaa . I am graduated Fautly education in Sanaa university . I want to voluteen . Thank you



  64. I am a program assist ( ART and HIV protection ) of local NGO ( Pyi Gyi Khin).I wish to serve as a volunteer in UN.

  65. I offer my self for volunteer assistabt please let me know about my application.

  66. Im 19 and I really wanna be a volunteer in the UN…in order to gain more experience in life.

  67. Hello my name is rabin lama and I ve been working Hiv and aids & drug field since last 10 years but I don’t have a lots of education certificates can I join this un volunteer …???

  68. I have graduated certificate in nursing and midwifery in 2016 can’t seem to find a job hope I will be of help as a volunteer

  69. I would like to apply for the job as a paid UN volunteer,am British Military Veteran from the Fiji Islands.

  70. Very interested and available to be a volunteer

  71. Hi am Shakul from Uganda…. am so interested in this program and I would really love to be part of this genuine cause…am an under graduate currently pursuing a course in auto-electrical engineering

  72. Volunteers from PNG accepted?

  73. Hi I am Zawadi from Kenya, I am currently doing my diploma in business management. I am ready to be an unpaid UN volunteer if I am provided with the chance thank you.

  74. i couldn’t find the appilication link

  75. Hello good evening.
    My name is Dradriga Patrick.
    I have a diploma in mechanical engineering, I graduated already
    I am interested in this Job, please can you help me out with the online link for the applications.
    It will be my pleasure if I am helped out.

  76. Ahmed Mohammed Abdi

    Hi my name is Mohammed Abdi and I am from Ethiopia and
    I graduated with Msc in information science from Japan and I am interested to work as volunteer in UN

  77. I want to volunteer but don’t know the link to apply to. pleased me find the link or send me it.

  78. I am highly interested in being a UN Volunteers.May i be guided on how to apply.Kindly email me a link to so that i apply.Thanks in advance

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