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Work And Study in Texas at The University of Houston-Victoria (UHV) 2017, Application Form (All Nationality)

We wish to inform the international students that application forms for 2017 scholarships are available at the University of Houston-Victoria (UHV) in Victoria, Texas, United States of America for International Students seeking admission into the institution.

If you have been wishing to undertake an undergraduate programme in any course or degree in the United States, why not consider the University of Houston-Victoria located in Texas. You can benefit up to 100% tuition free study aid for a fresh start.

Postgraduate International Students are also welcome to apply for higher degree scholarships at the university as they attempt to diversify their students base and have a full mix of foreign nationals.

Application Deadline:

  • Fall semester deadline: June 15th 2017
  • Spring semester deadline: December 15th 2017

Value of Scholarships: The scholarship will reduce the student’s tuition and fees cost to reflect the residency tuition rate. Other costs such as housing, meals, transportation, personal expenses, books, supplies, and health insurance are not included in this scholarship.

How to Apply: Interested applicants are advised to download and completely fill in the Application Form.

Completed forms should be sent via email to international@uhv.edu with the subject line “Merit Scholarship”

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  1. Hi
    My name is Sangar from Afghanistan I’m graduated from engineering faculty civil department now I wanna get my master degree from your university please help me.

  2. i want to study and work in texas am kenyan citizen age 27 years

  3. Mouhamadou Moctar

    I accepting

  4. Hi i’m somali
    My name abdi risaak ali mohamuud
    I complete high school
    Really our family have proplem macro
    I’m very interest this opportunity of scolership
    I will hope to get this program
    Just don’t study any universty because don’t have enough money
    So please give me this opportunity thank

  5. I am interested in the U. S. A ,and I wonder if you could accept me to live and study there.
    I have bachloriose English language and diploma in computer and management. Also I have diploma in T. O. T

  6. I would like to study in this Uiversity how can i find the university head masters?

  7. Hassan Yusuf Mohamed

    Hi,iam Hassan Yusuf Mohamed,from mogadishu-somalia,veterinian,and iam well well coming this oppertunity.

  8. Demissie Tafa Guta

    I am an Ethiopian. Im always reading such opportunity comen from African Union on my Facebook page but I can’t access the link to the site to apply. Specially when I saw last opportunity you post on Australia’s Scholarship I was try many times but I can’t get the link didn’t work. Please Im living here in Addis Ababa On the road to The Union’s Office by which link does I get one of this opportunity.

  9. Rustamov Izatulla

    I want to study and work

    • Am Getaneh Ashenafi i have finishd 1st degree civil engineering from hawassa university in Civil Engineering i went to study this farther to me and my villej please…

  10. Iwant get chance

  11. Hi my name is abdala ali ahmed i,m from somalia i would like to study in USA texes and apreciate about it and i hope among those selective

  12. I need this apportunity, I am Somali.
    Thank you.

  13. erole welive sema

    i’m sema i live in Congo Brazzaville i would study at USA.

  14. I am a Gambian, currently in the verge to finish my first degree in economics at the university of the Gambia by December 2017.

    It will be a great pleasure if you can grant me the opportunity to further pursue my second degree in America.

    Meanwhile, can you please put more light on your scholarship packages and how to apply for it?

    Thank you

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  15. Hello! Happy to you for this opportunity. I am student of English department level 1 .I am from Burkina Faso . I am very interested .I want to study and work in Texas . Please help to apply !! Thanks !

  16. I am fikadu guta .I am environmetal engineering first degree student .I want to join with job concerning this stream.I hope you will reply my question as soon as possible .

  17. Hi i am Ali i want to study this university b/c i like it

  18. Hi i am student who from africa
    I am interesting this apportuanity from the unibersity
    I ended high school or secondry school so
    I don’t have any who able for me to bay the fee of university in somalia so i request you to allow me.
    Contact me :by Gmail.Absuge349@gmail.com or
    Tell number : 0615029925

  19. KOUROUMA Moussa Il

    Je suis intéressé pour cet programme afin réalisé mon projet d’étude pour partagé mon expérience avec vous,titulaire de licence à l’Institut supérieur des mines et géologie de Boke,nationalité guinéenne

  20. Je suis guineen, j’ai fait la medecine j’aime beaucoup votre pays cars ya une bonne formation aux etats unis cars l’etat de droit est beaucoup respecter laba.

  21. I want to be part of this pls give me this opportunity I want to work and learn.

  22. Hi my name is gbenyanawo kwami I’m togolise I would like to give me this opportunity to study and work in Texas

  23. I want to study in Texas and also work. I am a high school graduate and a Liberian I did construction and my profession is Electricity. I will be waiting to hear from you, and may the Almighty God bless you all. PRINCE J T LAWRENCE

  24. I’m an Ethiopian .I have Bsc by soil resources and water shade management. So as a chance a want yo study abroaf

  25. I would like to study in this university.


    HI I’m an ivoirian.i want o study and work in texas

  27. Hello. I camerounian…i interested by this program…study and work…thanks

  28. Dear,I am BA degree holder in Accounting & very interested to learn at your Universities. Please contact me through +251912042373

  29. Dear,I am BA degree holder in Accounting & very interested to learn MBA degree at any of business fields at your Universities. Please contact me through +251912042373

  30. I’m Joplee from Liberia and want to study and work in Texas

  31. Hey, can u help me ? I’m from Liberia, i want to study in Texas

  32. My name is Abdi Omar Adam I’m somali, I graduate high school i’m a looking scholarship, i have no income to learn and my family cannot be able to paid that, please help me.
    Contact: 00252615440884

  33. Tra lou gonézie genevieve

    Je me nomme tra lou gonezie genevieve,j’ai 35 ans. J’ai un Bts en finance comptabilité. J’aimerais faire partir d’une equipe competente comme la votre me mieux me perfectionner.

  34. CAMARA Moussa dit balla

    i Can go to study in your university

  35. I am a Liberian wishing to work and study in Australia.
    I want to study in the area of Education on the Masters
    level. I would appreciate were you to grante every necessary assistance.

    Kindest regards.

    Gregory D. S. Goaneh
    Monrovia, Liberia.

  36. Helo! Please help me to get the visa about this scholarship to Texas so I’m ready to following my studies there in your university because I have need to progress every days and moments so I’m waiting for your answers to accept me thank you again for your consideration and negotiation?

  37. I want to work and study
    I am interested this program and
    I would like to give me this opportunity thank you

  38. My name is Mohammed c. Jalloh iam a liberian an also university student study civil Engineering at university of Liberia I want to further my study in Taxes if this oppounity will be given to me

  39. Abdulla Ahmed AL-Gohees

    H like study and work in Texas, I have higher diploma in computer, I like to study master information technology .

  40. Bonjour ! Je suis kadidia sangare ingénieur agronome je cherche une bourse d’etude gratuite pour approfondir ma connaissance en agronomie pour qu’au retour de la formation je puisse défendre le genre car c’est un domaine peu fréquente par les femme et ça me permettra d’être utile pour mes soeurs et maman du monde rural

  41. I am from Lesotho in Africa would like to have an opportunity to further my studies as i graduated at limkokwing university of creative technology plis give me details

  42. I need good scholreship education ples help me

  43. Nugussie Taye Mengistu

    I have BSC in computer Science & i want to study my MSC in this university

  44. I’ve just come to get my baccalaureat. and I think this can be an opportinity for me to study in good conditions

  45. Bonjour je m’appelle Sogoba Moussa
    J’ai fait la finance comptabilité
    Vraiment j’aimerais avoir ce genre d’ opportunité pour approfondir mes études et aider mon pays

  46. I have BSC degree in Public health from Ethiopia. Currently I have worked in General hospital as IDSR coordinator and health information manger. I want to study MPH in Epidemiology or in public health policy if will get scholarship. Please help me in order to support those world community particularly, the African country. Thank you. 0916604792

  47. Hey am Acha Elvis from Cameroon a holder of B/A in history and a diploma in political science obtained from one of the state University in my country and I will like to do Master in political development in your country if am given the chance. My contact is +237676901176

  48. Hi I’m Adolphus E.Kiadii i will appreciate You If you grant me the scholarship

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